Pipe Cleaner Crafts for a Spider Web

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Spider webs are great, fun crafts that you can make using simple pipe cleaners right at home. Make pipe cleaner crafts for a spider web with help from a graduate of the Maine College of Art in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Abbeth, I am an art teacher living in Portland, Maine, and I am going to teach you how to make a spider web out of pipe cleaners. So all you'll need for this is just some white pipe cleaners and you're gonna start out by taking out 3 of them and you can leave them just, just lined up together like this and you're going to find the center of them or roughly the center and you're gonna just twist a couple times until they're all stuck together like this. Then you're gonna bend them until there's an even amount of space between all these 6 little pieces that you have coming out. Next I'm gonna have you take out another white pipe cleaner and you're going to attach it about an inch up from the center just by taking a little end of it and twisting it around one of the other pipe cleaners so it should look like this and it should be pretty firmly attached. Then you're gonna work your way around and continue to twist it around each of the pieces that are sticking out from the center. And once you're back at the start you can just kind of keep wrapping it around until there isn't any extra length of the pipe cleaner left. Alright, so once you've done that you can grab another pipe cleaner and do the same thing just another inch up on one of those ends and do the exact same thing just work your way around, and at some point you'll probably run out of that pipe cleaner that you've been working with so when that happens just twist it around until the end just kind of blends in and then you can grab another pipe cleaner and start off again right where you ended with the last one. And then you should find yourself back where you started with a bunch of extra length of pipe cleaner and just do what you have been doing all along and just wrap it around until it blends in, and I'm gonna bring it to the last point. In here when you have an extra piece you can actually wrap it upwards to the end of that little piece that you have sticking out and this will give you enough pipe cleaner to make a little loop and then you have a loop to hang it with and there you go. My name is Abbeth, and I just showed you how to make a spider web with pipe cleaners.


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