How to Make a Ladybug Bracelet Balloon Animal

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A ladybug bracelet balloon animal requires a few key things, like a 260 balloon. Make a ladybug bracelet balloon animal with help from a professional crafter of over ten years in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I've been in the crafting industry for over ten years. I've made probably over thousands and thousands of balloon animals and today I am glad to show you how to make a ladybug balloon animal bracelet. The supplies that you're going to need for this is a 260 balloon and the key to this is get your balloons fresh. You don't want these to get too warm. You want to have them as fresh as possible to avoid breakage. This is permanent marker and something to blow your balloons up. This is what I use to blow them up. I know some people blow them up by hand but I prefer to not have the children see me put these into my mouth, safety first. So we're going to take, I'm going to be using a red balloon today but you could always ask the child what their favorite color is or perhaps you are having a themed party and you're having a certain color. You can make this any color you want. So I'm going to put this onto my balloon pump and you're going to fill this not quite halfway. I would say that's about a ten inch amount that you are going to have about half of a tail here and the trick with balloons is how much length you leave on the back that gives you the room that you need to twist from the front and tie it, just a standard tie there and what you're going to want to do when you do this is just you're always going to want to keep the balloon kind of in your hand. So here we go with the head, about that big. Now you're going to do one, two, three, four legs about the same size. So I'm going to make this about that big and I'm going to do three more so that's my first one, second one. Now see I have these all three kind of in my hand right here and I'm going to bend this around so that I can make the second set of legs. Now I'm on three and lastly, I have four. You don't have to be too concerned about these being the exact same size because they're going to be tucked under your ladybug and they're not going to be the focal point. So this is what I have for the body. Now what you're going to do is fold this so that the four legs, one, two, three, four are on the bottom and you're going to want to twist this around so it looks like this and then you're going to want to take the knot that you did to secure the balloon and fold it around through the center of the four legs. What you're doing is actually doubling over the head, making a nice round circle for it. So when you do that if you can look from the backside you can see where I twisted that. Now so that's the head, that's the four legs, what we're missing is the body which is going to come when you fold that last bit of blown up balloon over and you're going to have this. So here's the ladybug's back, her head and her one, two, three, four legs. Now you have this wonderful tail and you're going to be able to secure that and that's what's going to make this a bracelet. This is what's going to secure this to the wrist of the child or whoever you are making this for. What's wonderful about that is that you can custom fit this with the child you can make it a little tighter. If it's an adult, you can make it a little bit looser. What you're going to do is wrap it maybe four or five times around the head and then you're going to still have maybe about a two inch bit left over that's not secured. So you're going to want to put that back through this way and secure it to the back. When making balloon animals I like to secure it four or five times in everything that I tie so it stays on. And that's the bottom and that's the top. I like to twist the head around just a little bit and then you're going to take your permanent marker and just make two little eyes and put some spots on her back and that's how you make a ladybug balloon animal bracelet.


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