How to Make Your Own 3-D Paper Card Embellishments

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You don't need to have an extensive background to create your own 3-D paper card. Find out how to make your own 3-D paper card with help from a professional crafter of over ten years in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I've been in the crafting industry for over 10 years. Paper crafting is especially close to my heart, it's one of my favorite crafts that I do the most of and I'd like to demonstrate today about 3-D embellishments. Now when you talk about 3-D embellishments that seems like kind of big phrase, but we're all familiar with the sticker packs that you can buy in any craft store or outlet store and they're just kind of ready made embellishments. Which just means something extra special on your card besides the paper. They typically come with stickiness already on the back you just peal it and stick it on your scrapbook or your card, but you can also make these and here is a few examples of ones that some of my crafting friends have made. There's beautiful detail using their crickets, using some of their favorite stamps, very colorful and very personalized and they're going to put some extra special touches on those crafty projects for us today. Now I've chosen to do a birthday themed embellishment today to show you something that can make your card or paper craft or craft really pop. What you're going to be needing is just any old scrap of strip of paper maybe a quarter inch long and the longer wide and the longer you have it the more it's going to pop out. What you're going to be doing that is just making a plain old accordion fold. We've all when we're young made those paper fans and that's exactly what this is, there is nothing perfect needed about this. You just cut the length that you think that you want it and just begin folding it back and fourth. Here's my first couple folds they're, they're not even straight, it doesn't need to be perfect and what you're going to do is you're just going to give it that pop. So what you're going to do is this little end on the front and this little end on the back is where you're going to attach these to your card. And I've chosen a wonderful sunny yellow for a happy birthday. Now what I did is I stamped the happy birthday saying and I cut that out separately as you see here and I just kind of did a fancier cut on that with my straight edge scissors. I took that and I glued it with my glue runner and put a little piece of tape on there and just secured that down on to the front of my according fold. I did the same exact thing on the back, put a little bit of tape, put it down on the bottom and attached it. Now this kind of free falls out from the card which I think is really fun, this is especially fun on the inside of a card with some confetti, but I put it on the outside of the card just to have that special little pop when they opened up the card. I'm just going to secure this. I love to layer all of the things that I do, I just think that it makes a little frame for the artwork I've created. So here we go for that, so that's step one for my 3-D embellishment for this card. The other thing I did that made this a little bit 3-D is when I stamped my little happy smiley face guy, I just simply cut out his party hat and that sticks up over the edge of my card and just gives another way to make something interesting for the eye to look at. When you secure this onto here with a little bit of tape then you can see there's a couple elements that your eyes are drawn to, the party hat that sticks out and of course the happy birthday coming right out at you. You can make this bigger, I could have actually popped this whole front of this card out by using a thicker accordion fold. This is a especially wonderful thing to do with children they can pop out different things that they are creating and it's just a fun way to make somebody feel extra special. Here's an example of a larger accordion fold and as you could see that would hold something a lot more heavy then this little happy birthday saying that I had secured earlier. So I hope that, that helps to spur on some great ideas for your 3-D embellishments of your own.


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