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Creating a greeting card is a great opportunity to express yourself in a really fun and creative way. Get ideas for creating a greeting card with help from a professional crafter of over ten years in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I'll be demonstrating for you today ideas for making a paper craft card. I'm going to be showing you several ideas to hopefully spark your interest and your imagination. I've been crafting for over ten years. Paper crafting is especially close to my heart. I love to paper craft and when you think about it, technology is wonderful but it has sometimes taken away the things that we can hold with our hands and see with our eyes and touch and that's what I love about making cards. It's something you can put into somebody's hand that can really show them that you care. So my first idea for you is we're all familiar with the basic card, the white card. I like to put the colored paper on the back of mine. I think that makes the frame for the artwork that I'm creating but today I'm going to do half of a card, I think that just changes it up a little bit. It makes it a little quicker to make and it's kind of a different unusual shape and I really like that idea. So for this card, I'm going to be taking a stamp that has the saying of a child on it. You can find these at your chain craft stores, your big name craft stores. This one says if you're feeling blue try painting yourself a different color. It's from a little girl whose name is Hannah and I thought this would make a great idea for a get well card today. So we're all familiar with the regular one color ink pads, this is black, but they make an ink pad called a kaleidacolor which is many little ink pads all together. It has a little grip there for your finger and what you're going to want to do when you use this is slide them all together. This one is a blue breeze which I thought would be awesome to go with our saying today. So when you use that, I'm going to be going this way so I preserve the colors of the blue, the variation. If I go this way it's just going to all end up the dark blue on the top. So I'm going to go from left to right and just checking, making sure that I've inked up that whole big stamp. I'm going to press down and then I have my image here. What I'm going to do now is just dry brush the edge of my card. That also creates a framing effect and what I love about it is you don't have to be perfect in doing this. It's kind of everything that you do is going to be different on the edge of dry brushing and it's just kind of a tie dye wonderful effect. So here you go with my tie dyed dry brushing effect with the kaleidacolor and you might notice a little sparkle. I love to this bling onto the tops of my eyes. These are very inexpensive, around a dollar. They are self adhesive and you can just put them wherever you want. You could also put them on the corners or along the bottom. I love the things I do to sparkle a little bit. Then I'm going to just affix this to the back of my blue color card stock, again with the framing effect. This is a tape runner which is nice. You can have the regular tape where you have to rip off the edges but this is going to give you a smooth line of tape that's permanent but you can do it quickly. So I'm going to put that on the edge of this. So here's my card. Now you can sometimes want to do just a little bit more for embellishment. This is a paper flower that I've put a brad on or just a paper plain flower. You could affix that to the corner of your card, either one, to add a little bit something extra on there. I guess I like it with my little bling on the edge. Now for the inside, like I said, we could get a thinking of you for a get well card or a thank you card, happier because of you. So that's my idea today for a greeting card for your paper crafting and I hope that that helps you to spark your imagination to go create something of your own.


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