Rubber Stamps for Making Cards

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Rubber stamps are great tools to keep around for when you need to make your own homemade cards. Learn about using rubber stamps for making cards with help from a professional crafter of over ten years in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I've been in the crafting industry for over ten years; rubbers, stamps, crafting is especially a passion of mine and so, I'm very excited today to show you what you need to know about rubber stamp for card making. We would basically call this a 101 course. There are several kinds of rubber stamps that you need to know about. This is probably the one that people are most familiar with. It has a wood back and the rubber stamp's actually mounted already un-cushioned on the back. It's, they usually have some grips on the side so it's easy to stamp it into your ink pad and hold on and get the image that you would like over that. There's another kind that some people aren't as familiar with and these are called un-mounted stamps. They come one of two ways; this is just a clear, you can actually see through it, there's no rubber on the back, no foam on the back, there's just rubber and these are very inexpensive and very easy to store and that's why people like to use this. You can actually store this in a CD case, they're very thin. You can get a lot of them in there or some people store them in binders and page protectors; they'll stick right on top there and you can actually have many of them within these binders. The other ones you can get are, have the foam on the back already and then the image is mounted on the front. Sometimes these comes separately, the rubber on the foam is sticky; you stick the image on that and then you just take a real sharp, sharp scissors and cut them out. I especially like this kind because you can get very close to the image and so you don't get any ink where you don't want it to be. Just the ink is stamped and that the edges around them. This can also be stored the same way that these are, in CD cases or in binders. This one actually has some glue called Tack It Over and Over Again and it gets sticky and tacky and, but it can peel off and on. You can put them, position them however you want on your mount. What you need to do when you have these un-mounted stamps is you need to buy something to put them on. If you don't want to buy separate things to put your stamps on, you can actually put them right on the back of your stamping block that holds your wood mounted. Or, these are fun because they come in a variety of sizes. These are nice, I like these kind, they look kind of like ice cubes and they're easy to hold onto. They're nice and big, they can come flat, they can come and look like that, but they're going to be made out of acrylic. So, this is an acrylic mounted stamp. And you put it on like that and again, you can center it on the side, you can put it over to one side if you'd like. The beauty of this is you can put that stamp wherever you want, whereas this wooden mounted stamp, it's going to stay right where it is. If you try to take this off, the sticky part would come off of the stamp and then you would have a mess. The other thing I'd like to mention is there's several kinds of ink. This is a water-based ink, it's nice and large for getting that image. You can see that a little bit better. This can be cleaned very easily; I can clean this rubber stamp by just putting some water onto a paper towel. You want to remember never use any cleaning supplies like glass cleaners, sometimes people like to use that. What that's going to do is actually dry out your stamp and eventually it will crack and you won't be able to use it anymore. Just some good old fashion water and paper towel will clean that off very easily. You can also buy some stamp cleaner, which this has been used a lot, you can tell. This is actually, you can put this on top of your stamp like this and get it nice and wet and that, this is a stamp cleaner, I bought this from a stamping company. However, if you go to your local paint supply company, these are actually sold in the paint supply area as ways to put paint on your walls. And they're nice and fuzzy and they have all these little areas that are going to get down into the cracks of your stamp and clean them wonderfully. So, that's how you would clean these stamps. The other kind of ink, this is a more permanent ink; this is going to stain your rubber stamps. However, if you clean them with the stamp cleaner, even though they will be stained, they will be good to go as far as when you're going to use them again for another color. What's great about this is if you're going to want to color in the middle of your stamps with Copic marker or some water colors, your image is not going to blur. If you use this kind of ink pad, the water base, and try to color it in, you're going to get a smeared and blurred image and that's not going to give you the nice crisp and clean image that you are looking for. So, I hope that I was able to help you learn a little bit more today about the basics for rubber stamping and card making.


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