Good Hairstyles With Gel & Hairspray

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Gel and hairspray can help you achieve many different great hairstyles quickly and easily. Find out about good hairstyles that you can do with gel and hairspray with help from a professional hairstylist in this free video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Bridal Hair Upstyles
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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone, I'm hair stylist Amanda Shackleton, and today I'm going to show you how to do some hair styles with gel and hairspray. I found this product which actually combines both of them so I normally use this instead of just a straight gel or a straight hair spray when I'm doing these kind of styles. You want them to look almost kind of wet looking, a little bit on the slick side. So I like to be able to spray it on. So just go ahead and spray it on the top of the head. I decided that I wanted to do a middle part for this hair style. Going to come in with the brush and just really make that hair nice and sleek on the top. And then this is the trick for the sides to make this look really, really pretty. Now as you start twisting, I want you to take a piece and give it a twist but as you keep twisting, quickly just give it a spray with the gel just to get those loose bits in there. Do it one more time. And then we'll just pin it. Couple pins should hold it down. We'll go ahead and do the other side. OK. Going to bring her back and put some bobby pins in the side and then I'm going to show you what I'll do to the back to make it look really, really cute. OK. So we have the rolling sides of the hair coming together into a bunch in the ponytail area. I'm going to take it and just give it a quick twist all the way around, all the way down. Once you get about halfway down you want to start spraying it because the spray is going to make it look slick and it's really going to keep it kind of all held together. Another couple twists, a little more gel. Couple twists. And then what I'm going to do with these ends is just kind of tuck them underneath here. Actually going to make them into a little rolling kind of curl and I'm just going to tuck them up under here. And with another pin I'll pin those in. Make sure all the fly away ends are pinned down. And there you go. That's your style. I'm Amanda Shackleton. NY Bridal Beauty and I've just shown you how to style hair with gel and hair spray.


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