How Do I Make a Bracelet With Crochet Thread & Beads?

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Making a bracelet with crochet thread will require thread, beads and a few other key tools. Make a bracelet with crochet thread and beads with help from a longtime and experienced crochet expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Cassandra Allen-Brown from Bags By Cab-Yarn Shoppe in Denver, Colorado,, and today I will be teaching you how to crochet a bracelet with crochet thread and beads. The bracelet I have here is just a generic, over the counter from your craft store bracelet. You can also get some at the jewelry store. This is a thread, crocheting thread and a crochet hook. I have already pre-threaded my thread with a number of beads. You will do that with however many beads that you want to have on your bracelet. So we'll get started here by sticking your bracelet through the thread and then all you're going to do is chain around your bracelet. That's all you're going to do. So the entire bracelet will be covered in this stitch of like a slip stitch. Just go around the entire bracelet, pull it through. It's real simple and it's fast, very easy. See how beautiful that is? Just yarn over and just pull it through. Almost like a single crochet but not totally. And the entire bracelet will be like that. Then what you're going to want to do when you complete your bracelet, you will want to incorporate your beads. And how you do that is you take your first bead, you pull it up through, and you simply incorporate the bead into the stitch. It's just that simple. See? There we've already put on one. Now I'm just making some more crochet stitches around the bracelet. And now I want to put on another bead. So I find my next bead and I pull it up and you just incorporate it into the stitch. That's all you do. And you continue on with your stitching. Just like that. This one is already completed. And that's how you crochet a bracelet using beads.I'm Cassandra Allen-Brown, Thank you for watching.


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