How to Carve Pumpkins for Team Building

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Carving pumpkins can actually act as a great team building exercise for school or even for work. Carve pumpkins for team building with help from a high school art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Dana Church, and I'm gonna tell you about some activities that you could do today to build, for team pumpkin carving to build the team. Maybe in your office environment or school, any colleagues that you work with, around Halloween time everybody wants to have fun, and it's a good time to start building relationships. This is a good avenue to go down so that you can build relationships, and a fun thing to do is to do a pumpkin carving. What you can do basically is possibly just take a hat or bowl or something and put some famous names in there, famous people, and break your office into teams or groups that already sort of work together, like the accounting department and whatever, or if you're at a school, the third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade teachers. Give them all a, let them have a chance to pick a name, so nobody knows, it's a secret. So, but it has to be a famous person. So they all pick a name and then you supply to each team, obviously, a pumpkin, some tools, the kits you can get at the store, so easy, you just give everybody a kit, and maybe you even wanna also add in some fun things that they could use to decorate with, like the little bits and pieces that you can stick on a pumpkin, like googly eyes and stuff like that, and just all the little utensils like that they'll need, mainly the pumpkin carving tools. And then they'll have to get together and decide, okay, who is gonna do the carving, who's gonna do the drawing, and they'll brain storm together, they'll see who's better at what, whatever they need to do, and they'll have a certain time frame that they need to work in, and then when everybody's done, and they've carved, and they've got everything together, they bring all the pumpkins together and put them out, and then people could go along and take turns guessing what famous person they thought it was, and whoever comes the closest obviously is the winner, and everybody has fun and food is out and everything, and it's really a good way to build team relationships there.


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