Lacy Design for Delicate Pumpkin Carving

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Lacy designs for pumpkin carving requires a hand that is both steady and delicate, as well as the right design. Learn about lacy design for delicate pumpkin carving with help from a high school art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name's Dana Church, and today I'm gonna show you how to put on a lacy-type design for delicate pumpkin carving. First of all, I'm using a white pumpkin, but whether you have a white pumpkin or an orange pumpkin, it doesn't matter. But if you want to use a white pumpkin for this, it's very nice, and you can find the, sometimes they're hard to find, but you can find those. Especially if you want to do something like a wedding, it might be good for that with the lace and the white idea. What I did first though is I went to the internet, and I did have to do a little research on lace designs, and I think I ended up finding something like lace stencils, lace templates, and they were free. There could be some links on this page to free designs as well, on the eHow page, so once I found something simple that I liked, that was not too complicated, but it is, it is delicate looking, I printed it off, and then I, I'll show you here from before I continue, I went on the back of it, I flipped it over, and I used a pencil, and you can use a pencil or you can also use an oil pastel, and you can rub onto the back of this piece of paper fully, and cover it with black oil pastel, or even pencil. And then after you do that, you tape it back down, and tape it on to the pumpkin, and you make sure it's secure, and press down or whatever. Then once again you're gonna go over, you're gonna go over the pattern, and because the pumpkin's white, it actually shows up much better than it would on an orange pumpkin. So, the idea that it's white actually does work well for this. So, you go over that and you press, press, press, draw, draw, draw, make sure you get it all filled in. And you're gonna have to take some time on this, so, that might take a while. And after you do all that, you take it off obviously, and you're gonna start to get this kind of design on here. I didn't go all the way down, but. So you can see this is pretty intricate, and it's sort of delicate, so what you gotta do now is go in with a cutter of some sort, a small cutter, there's different kinds you can get. I would suggest maybe getting this kind of cutter, it's actually for linoleum cutting from Speedball, and they have different kinds of tips on it that you can use, and carve into the pumpkin with, and just really take your time, and be very careful and stay on the line with that, and it takes a little while like I said, but that should work just fine. And there you go, once you're done you'll have a beautiful little masterpiece, and because I said it's on a white pumpkin, the inside will look more interesting, so, white pumpkin carving.


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