Electric Pumpkin Carving

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Electric pumpkin carving requires a very specific tool that really isn't all that expensive. Learn about electric pumpkin carving with help from a high school art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Dana Church, and I'm gonna talk to you a little bit today about electric pumpkin carving. There's been a real big phase to use the little Dremel tools to actually carve pumpkins with, which you can do, they're about 26 or 27 dollars, and you can go out and buy the little Dremel, and you can actually carve into the pumpkin with it, and that's cool, but, you can also do other kinds of things that you have with stuff around your house, like a drill. Okay, you just basically go get your drill and you find a bit that is the right size, and the way you determine that is basically you're gonna be pushing these little lights through the holes of the pumpkin here, so you have to decide, you have to look at the bit, and you have to decide what size you're gonna choose according to the size of the light. I'm not sure exactly, you might have to determine that after you get the lights that you want. Then you put that drill bit on, and you want to be able to have a hole that's big enough to push the light almost all the way through. You can push it even further then that, but I'll probably just be pushing mine halfway through. And you don't want it obviously to go all the way through, so you've gotta make the hole to the right size with that. So, obviously you just, you know, get your drill powered up, you know, be safe and all that good stuff. Adults should be doing this, not children really. So, you find that where you want the holes, you might even pre-mark them if you want to, but you don't have to. If you're like me, you just wanna just go wherever, so. Pretty easy, pretty easy, and it's pretty fun. But of course before you do that, you want to do, go through the typical stages of gutting the pumpkin, taking the top off so you can work with, we've already gutted this pumpkin, and we're ready, and in fact, I've also gone in and taken this tool that comes with these packages and I've also scraped some more of the wall off, because you want to thin the wall down just a little bit, sometimes they're real thick. Then you're gonna take your lights, and you're gonna go from the inside, and you're gonna push them through, sometimes I'll make a bigger hole, like this is a good size actually, so how it's coming out? It just depends on what look you like. You can make them come all the way out, and sort of stick out like they're little porcupine pumpkins, and then sometimes you don't have to, but we'll just leave them halfway in. Now, imagine I have this whole thing cut with lots of lights, hundred, it takes awhile sometimes though. Okay, and after you do all that, I don't know if you can see that really good, but, you're gonna do, this is gonna take awhile, and, but it's fun, it's worth it. And once you get the right drill bits going on, you can easily do this, it really does not take that long. I don't want to scare you off from the project. Okay, let's say you get this all done and all lined up, and you get all your lights in, and then you're gonna plug it in, and hopefully it's gonna light up, and everybody's gonna be amazed and awed. Let's see. And that's just a little display of what could be happening. You might have a few bad lights here, but you've gotta work with that with that going out. So, this is gonna be everywhere all over the pumpkin, and it's gonna look really great, just depending on how many lights you want to put on there. So there you go, electric pumpkin carving.


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