How to Draw a Deer Skull on a Pumpkin

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Drawing a deer skull on a pumpkin is something you can do either before or after you carve the pumpkin depending on your preferences. Draw a deer skull on a pumpkin with help from a high school art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Today, I'm gonna show you how to draw a deer skull on a pumpkin. You can carve this later if you want, but if you want to just draw one on there this, this is a good way to do it. First of all you go to the internet and you find yourself a picture that you like, it's free usually there's tons of things out there that are free. You could draw your own on a piece of paper if you wanted to no problem. I know a lot of hunters are really into this kind of thing, I'm a teacher at a high school where there's a lot of hunters. So you take this, this is a smaller version of this but you're gonna have this and you're gonna print it out and cut it out. I sort of just cut it out so I wouldn't have any extra excess or anything like that. Then you're gonna take some oil pastels, you can get anywhere or something that's dark like a crayon would work too, a crayon or a oil pastel and you're gonna take the oil pastel and you're gonna like rub the back of it with the oil pastel which I've already done on this one as I'll show you when I take it off. You just cover it thoroughly because this is gonna really act as carbon paper for you, remember the old carbon paper we used to use back in the day. So after you get that covered you're gonna come over to your pumpkin and you're gonna tape it on as smoothly as you can. This is, this is loose a little bit because I need to show you what I've done but I might try to get it all laid down and I just use regular masking tape and you know you've got to work with it, fold it, cut little slits in it, mold it to the pumpkin cause it's good to have it close to the pumpkin. So then, basically, you take a pencil or a ballpoint pen and you actually go over all of the lines pressing pretty hard even if you go through the paper it's okay because you want that design to transfer for you. So you're gonna do that until you cover and go over the entire thing and then when you take it off you are going to see the image under there, it's not gonna be quite this dark because I've actually done the last step on this one for purposes of speeding up the video a little but as you can see I went over it with that and then I actually finished up by going over it with a Sharpie marker, a permanent marker, and final product, how to draw a deer skull on a pumpkin.


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