Christian Pumpkin Patch Party Directions

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Christian pumpkin party patches are a really fun way to decorate pumpkins for Halloween. Get Christian pumpkin patch party directions with help from a high school art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Dana Church. I'm an art teacher at a local high school here, and today I'm going to be talking to you about Christian pumpkin party patch ideas. This time of the year, Halloween is a time where people want to dress up, and have fun and go out and do fun things. But a lot of times, Christians are concerned about the evil associated with the holiday, and all the spooky stuff. So, there are different things that you can do, if you have children that want to be involved in holiday. And you can have a pumpkin patch party. If you, the best way to organize it basically, is to tell people where you're going to be meeting, tell them to dress warmly, bring some money. And you all go down to the local pumpkin patch. We have one here, who, and they've donated some pumpkins for us, which is really nice, for this video. So, after you go to the pumpkin patch, you have the kids spread out and they look for a pumpkin. I have little, wee ones right here, but they'll probably find one that's about this size here. And you tell them to go out and find the pumpkin that they want. And see, the thing about pumpkins is, they're really unique and interesting. So, you could say things like, pumpkins are sort of like people and everybody has their own personality and God created us and he created pumpkins. And you can really go with the whole creation idea and creativity. So, after they get their pumpkin, they bring it back to the house, wash them, everybody eats, has fun, sits by the fire place. And you could put out, you can put out some paints in a plate, just some, actually acrylic paint is going to work better for this, because it stays on the pumpkin better. And paint brushes and water and throw down an old, plastic kitchen tablecloth onto the floor. And let them all get down and paint their own little, individual pumpkins. And you can actually provide some pictures, if you want, so they can see some more examples of some different things that you can do. And tell everyone to create their own unique, little individual, like they are and like, you know, God created them in a unique, individual way. So, they will have fun with that. And after you're done, you can all gather around and show your pumpkins after they've dried. And you can further the story a little bit, by having a pumpkin. And telling a little story about how Christ comes and cleans us out from all the bad stuff inside. So, you can carve the pumpkin and then, when you pull the top off. You see, you tell them, this is all the bad stuff, the yucky stuff to sin us. And when we accept Christ into our heart and we become Christians, He takes all this stuff out, and takes all the bad stuff away. So then, you can take the bad stuff away and put it in a jar, or whatever you have over there. And cut, carve the pumpkin, of course, I've already carved this, just for the purpose of the video. Get the last piece out, here. And you want to carve him with a smile, because that's how you become after you become a Christian, hopefully. And then, one final, little thing that you can do, is get ready to light it. You light your candles, if I can do this far, I'll do it with, I prefer matches, but. O.k., you light your candle, and this light represents the light of Christ that comes to us when we become Christians. So, you put the light in, and you make sure of course, it's pretty bright. But I don't know how well you can see that. And then, you say, and put the top on. It's good sometimes when you're cutting a pumpkin to make a little thing, so you can figure out where you need to put the top. And the, and you just say, this is what we become like, after we become Christians, we have God's light in us. And you can go on and on with that, but this is a good way to celebrate Halloween, if you're a Christian.


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