Recipe for Chocolate Truffle Balls Using Cake Mix

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You can make delicious chocolate truffle balls using traditional cake mix and the right recipe. Get the recipe for making chocolate truffle balls using cake mix with help from a published cook book author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dede Wilson, and I'm the author of "Cake Balls." Today, I'm going to show you how to make chocolate truffle balls using a cake mix. They're going to come together really easily and you're going to end up with a sophisticated dessert that you'll be proud to serve to anyone. It starts as I said with a cake mix. You're just going to use your favorite chocolate cake mix baked in a 9X13 pan and I just saved this bamboo skewer to show you that there are a few moist crumbs still clinging. Whenever you bake cake, you don't really want to bake it so that your cake tester comes out clean because there is residual heat on the pan that's going to continue to bake the cake. So we have our 9X13 pan and we're just going to bring these pieces of cake into a nice big mixing bowl and to make the cake you're just going to follow whatever directions there are on the particular box. So once the cake is in the bowl, this is an old fashioned pastry blender, typically used to make pie crust but these sharp blades are perfect for breaking the cake down into crumbs and the cake is so moist which is one of the reasons people love using cake mixes that this happens very quickly as you can see. Cake balls are great to make with kids. You can give this step for them to do. What's going to make this really luscious and extra special is what we add to it next and what I've done is I've made some, basically a chocolate ganache which is simply chocolate, chopped up semi sweet chocolate in heavy cream and melted it together and I'm going to pour a little bit over the cake and we're going to mix it together until it forms into a ball and then using a broad spatula sort of use a combination of cutting motions and smushing motions and we're going to start working that chocolate ganache into the cake. Now because these are truffle balls and the interior of a truffle is made out of chocolate and cream which is exactly what that mixture is that I just poured in, we want to add as much as possible because we want it to be as truffle-like as possible. In this case more is better, not always but in this case like I said, we want it to be as truffle like as possible. Now the best way to form cake balls is to use a scoop. It's going to help you form the balls not only easily but you'll be able to create uniform balls. This is going to make cake balls that are about a golf ball size which is exactly what we want. So the technique is that you go into your mixture with the scoop, overfilling it and then use the side of the bowl to compress the mixture into the scoop so that you have a nice full scoop. Pop it out into your hand and then roll it around into a ball. This is the first step in the recipe that takes a little while. It certainly isn't difficult. You want to take your time because at this stage, the more round you form them, the rounder they are, the better they're going to look after they are dipped in the melted dark chocolate. These cake balls have chilled for at least two hours. You have to do that because you want them to hold together when we dip them in the chocolate so now these are ready to go and then you do need your chocolate that you're going to be dipping the cake balls into. These are truffle balls. You want the chocolate to be a really high quality chocolate. Don't skimp here. This is a bittersweet chocolate. It has about a 65% cocoa mass to it. It's really really rich and chocolatey and it also has a very high cocoa butter content and that means that when it's melted down, as it is, it's nice and fluid and this is going to help us form a beautifully thin shell around our cake balls which will make them just really elegant and wonderful. So I have a half sheet pan here covered with parchment. It's ready to receive my dipped cake balls. So one by one, I'm going to take one of the cake balls and just plop it right down int here, use the two forks to gently toss it back and forth. You don't want to pierce the cake ball with the tines of the fork, you just want to use the fork to let the cake ball balance on the fork and then because we're using a fork, the extra chocolate can drip back into the container, in between the tines which is exactly what you want. You want as much of the chocolate to drip off as possible and then just place it on a sheet pan. You don't want to put the cake ball in the chocolate and fish it out and not allow the chocolate to drain away because what will happen in that case is all this excess chocolate will pool around the bottom, it will be thick, gloppy, unsightly. You can always trim it off later with a little paring knife once the chocolate is firm. So now once you have all your cake balls dipped and obviously if we went through the whole batch, you would have about 60 so the recipe serves a lot but I just dipped a few to show you. Now once the cake balls are dipped and formed and chilled, you can keep them in the refrigerator for a few days, bring them to room temperature before serving though and then to make them extra truffle-like, I'm just going to dust them with a little bit of cocoa. I cut one in half for you here, look how deep and dark and chocolatey that is, a chocolate truffle ball. And that's it, it is so easy to make chocolate truffle balls out of a cake mix, embellished with your own ganache and delicious chocolate on the outside and you'll end up with this really elegant treat. So be sure to check out my book, "Cake Balls," more than 60 delectable and whimsical sweet spheres of goodness. There is a bunch of recipes in here, easy to more complex and you can always find more recipes at, The Baker's Resource.


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