Traditional Ham Dinner Dishes With Sweet Potatoes & More

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Traditional ham dinner dishes really go well with a nice side of sweet potatoes and other rich treats. Make traditional ham dinner dishes with sweet potatoes and more with help from an experienced food advertiser in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Monte Mathews of Once you've cooked one of my All Natural Hams, which are nitrate and nitrite free, and you've used our glaze to get this phenomenal coating. What's to serve with this ham? Well, the most natural thing in the world, I think, is probably the sweet potato. The sweet potato adds sweetness and is a perfect compliment to ham. But that's not the only thing you really want to put on the table. You can think about putting cauliflower, working with cauliflower, you could also do cabbage, would be very, very good. And of course, carrots are probably the greatest, standard thing to serve with ham. But today, I want to teach you how to make a tian of vegetables. Now, this beautiful summer squash and these zucchinis and this red skin potatoes, are going to make a vegetable dish that not only looks beautiful with your ham, but tastes absolutely fantastic. Now, a tian is named for the dish that this dish is made in. I'm a standard nine by twelve casserole dish, baking dish. Now, you want to take a sweet onion and you want to slice it very thin, it's about an eighth of an inch thin, thick. And you're going to spread the onion all over the base of this dish. Now, this is one-half of one very large onion. Now, this whole dish by the way, is going to take a little over an hour. We're going to put into a 375 degree oven. And then, that, it's going to stay there at 375 degrees with a foil cover for 30 minutes. Then, we're going to take it out and we're going to add cheese, and the cheese, ham and cheese are a perfect compliment. That's one of the reasons why I think this tian is a perfect compliment to the sweet potatoes that you're having with your ham. Now, what you do is, you take summer squash and you take zucchini and you shingle, you shingle them in the bottom if the dish, here they are. And what I like to do for color, is to change them out. So, it goes, zucchini, yellow squash, yellow squash and then, back. I have red potatoes, you notice that I didn't peel them, because again, I love the color that you get here. When you make this dish, you have this beautiful red, the green and the yellow. So, it adds a lot to your table. So, we just continue to shingle. Now, when you get to this point, here we're going to put the third layer. But you notice that I've changed the direction of the potatoes that are going on. And that's because I want to make sure that I can finish this little corner here. We're going to salt and pepper this top. Now, what we're also going to do here, this is thyme and we grow our own thyme, right outside, here at Monte's Ham. But you just simply hold this, this is slightly dry, because this is not right out of the garden. And you just simply crush the thyme leaves over the top of the dish. Cover this little baby up and we're going to put it into a 375 degree oven for 30 minutes. O.k., so, now, our tian has been in the oven for 30 minutes and it's been covered. And now, you see, you reveal it. And what we're going to do now, is we're going to put some cheese on top of this, it'll give it a beautiful cheese flavor. Now, I've chosen Swiss cheese today, to use on this tian. You can do it with virtually any cheese. If you like to do it Parmesan, if you like to do it with mozzarella, if you have a favorite cheddar. By all means just choose your cheese and just put it on top, very generously spread it over the top of the vegetables. And now, we're going to put this back in the oven, and it's actually going to take another half hour. To get to the point where we really have it perfect and ready to serve. This is our tian with the cheese topping, you see how it's crisped up, did you see how beautifully brown it is. And the color still comes through the green of the zucchini, the yellow of the summer squash, and the red of the red potato. And what we do is, we wait ten minutes, because you don't want to burn yourself to death. And cut up, I like to cut them, so that they're really, you get a sample of each one of these vegetables. This wonderful, crispy thing goes right down on your plate, I think, you'll find this is absolutely something you'll repeat again and again, whether you're serving ham or not, this beautiful, beautiful vegetable. You can use these year round, you can use whatever fresh vegetable there is. You could do this with tomatoes, you could do this with any, any vegetable that you can thinly slice. Just put them on a bed of onions, and here you have this magnificent dish. Which is absolutely beyond tasty. I'm Monte Mathews from


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