How to Arrange a Large Wedding Ball Flower Arrangement in a Container

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Large wedding ball flower arrangements in a container are best arranged while keeping a few important things in mind. Learn how to arrange a large wedding ball flower arrangement in a container with help from a wedding specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Melissa Barrad with I Do Weddings in San Diego, and I'm here today to teach you how to create a large ball flower arrangement in a container. So, what I have today, is Oasis, it's also called floral foam. It's really great and it's a way to extend the life of your flowers. So, how you would start, with taking a ball of the size and diameter you prefer, and soaking it in water overnight. This will continue to give florals water, until after your event. So, with that being said, I started right here for this arrangement. And this arrangement is utilizing carnations. Carnations are filler flowers, but they do look beautiful when they are grouped together in mass quantities. You can also see here that I've used two different colors and two different shades of pink, just to make it a little bit more visually interesting. So, it's really, really easy to create a ball flower arrangement. You do have to use quite a large amount of flowers. So, with that being said, I would recommend buying a little bit more than you initially need. I find that the first few times that I did this, I ran out of flowers. So, what I did is, I did a little pre-prep and I cut these carnations to the same height. And I want to make sure that there's a small stem, because you want to be able to insert it directly in the Oasis, and that it actually stays and doesn't fall out. So, what I did is, I started with the top of the arrangement. I always, actually like setting it on a glass vase, so it's a little bit easier to do. And I started alternating colors. So, you can see that it's not perfect, we're not alternating and creating an exact pattern, we're just trying to mimic something that will look natural. So, you want to make sure that the blooms are very, very close to one another, you don't want to do anything like this. Because then, you'll see large, gaping holes of Oasis. Instead, you want to hug them together and make sure that they are of all the same height. You'll want to work very, very quickly. And as you're turning the arrangement, just be mindful that they can fall out. You can utilize an adhesive spray for Oasis. I've had mixed results, it really depends on the type of flower that you're using. So, you can fill the ball on all different sides and then, put it on top of a container. So, you an see here today, that I utilized a glass cube and I think, it modernizes the arrangement. And If you'd like, you don't necessarily have to cover the entire ball with flowers. You can see here, that I did about 50 percent and perhaps, in the base of the arrangement. So, you can't see the Oasis. You can fill it with crystals, you can fill it and wrap it with tea leaves or ribbon or another type of fabric of your choosing. I'm Melissa Barrad with I Do Weddings, and I was here today, to teach you how to create a large ball flower arrangement for your wedding, thanks.


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