How to Decorate a Boring Room for a Wedding

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You'd be surprised by how easy it really is to decorate a boring room for a wedding in a really great way. Decorate a boring room for a wedding with help from a wedding specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Melissa Barrad, the owner of I Do Weddings in San Diego. I'm here today, to teach you how to decorate a boring room for a wedding. I find that regardless of where you're getting married, whether it be the Four Seasons or your backyard. There's always something that you want to cover, something that's just not quite perfect. So, with that in mind, my favorite tip and trick is, lighting and that can come in a variety of forms. It can be as simple as tons and tons of candles, it can be lighting that's brought in. Whether it be up lights, string lighting, white twinkle lights. I think it just makes everything look so much more gorgeous and makes you look better. Everyone looks better by candlelight. One of my very favorite examples, is a wedding that took place last year. That my clients utilized all lighting for their wedding, they were club promoters and they really wanted to give that feel at the wedding. It was a beautiful space, it really covered up the imperfections that were there. So, what I would suggest for you, is to do up lighting and there are two types of up lighting. The first of which are, PAR cans, they are cans that sit on the ground and they work best in the bend of a wall. And it shoots lighting up and washes the wall with color, and that can be done in every shade of the rainbow. If my clients don't have a specific preference, I always say, amber. So, anything in the very, very light pink or amber family, because it mimics the look of candle light. Or, LED lighting, you can be very, very specific with that lighting. And again, it can be in every shade of the rainbow and it can also change throughout the evening. So, if you're looking for something a little bit more elegant, refined during dinner. And once the evening progresses, bringing in just more color and just giving that club style feel. That's a great way to go as well. So, this is a photo from my friends over at Felicie Photography, and you can see here that we utilized a ton of lighting. We used very, very few natural lights, because florescent lights really don't cast a positive light on anything. So, I can have my clients utilize candles, or lighting, I always recommend doing so. So, that's how you decorate a boring room for a wedding. I'm Melissa Barrad with I Do Weddings, and thanks so much for watching.


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