How to Crochet a Crisscross Cable

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Crocheting a criss-cross cable is a very basic technique in the world of crochet and knitting. Crochet a criss-cross cable with help from a crochet expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Phyllis of Many Creative Gifts and in this segment, I'm going to show you how to create that criss-cross look in your cabled crochet. So, I've got a sample here where I've been creating a row of cables. But, now I want to criss-cross them so it'll look very much like what it looks like in knitting. I'm starting my fourth row and I'm doing regular double crochet stitches until I get to the cabled portion. Now, here is where it starts getting interesting. I want to crossover here and then cross back over. So, what I'm going to do, I'm going to do my yarn over, I'm going to skip the first two cables and I'm going to go into the third cable and do another front post double crochet stitch. Then, I'm going to go into the fourth one and do a front post double crochet stitch. Now, I've got to go back to one and two. So, it's a little tricky, but do your yarn over and then bring your hook back to that first cable stitch. Pull up a loop and finish out your double crochet stitch. Then, do the same for the second cable stitch. Once you done that, double check the back of your work, skip the four loops behind the four cables you just did and do a regular double crochet stitch into that fifth loop. Continue doing double crochet stitches to finish out your row. And you've got the look of a crossed cable in crochet. To keep your cable going, on the next row, you're going to do your double crochet stitches across until you get to the cabled portion. This time, you're going to be getting yourself ready to do back post double crochet stitches, because of course you want your cable to all be facing on the right side of your work and not on the back of your work. So, I've gotten to my cable and this time, I want to finish off the crossing. I want to get them the cables going straight again. So, I do a yarn over and I go into, I flip over my work and I go into that first crossed cable stitch and I do a back post double crochet. Then, I do a yarn over, I go into the second one, the one that's crossing on top and then, I've got to catch the two that are underneath. So, you're going to want to really pull those out so you can see them and you want to catch that one that's really underneath and do a back post double crochet and then the one that's next to it. After you've done that, come back to the "wrong side" of your work, skip four loops and do a regular double crochet stitch into the next loop and finish out the row of double crochet stitches. When we flip over the work, you'll see that you've gotten your cross back on track to be straight. I'm Phyllis of Many Creative Gifts and we've just done a criss-cross double crochet stitch to make a cable in crochet.


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