How to Do a Single Crochet Stitch Without It Curling

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You can avoid having your single crochet stitch start to curl by following a few basic steps. Do a single crochet stitch without it curling with help from a crochet expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Phyllis of Many Creative Gifts, and this segment is going to be how to single crochet without it curling. Now, to be honest with you, it's really hard to not have your single crochet curl. But, there are tips and tricks to minimize the curl. The most important part is your foundation chains. They shouldn't be too tight, they shouldn't be too loose. Then, when you start single crocheting into the chains, you're going to want to make your stitches, again, not too tight, not too loose. You'll want to experiment with the thickness of your yarn and the size crochet needle that you're using. The hook really matters. You're going to want to go into each stitch, each chain and pull up a loop and finish off the stitch and try to do it again, not too tight, not too loose. But see, my crochet is already starting to curl. We're just going to toggle it lightly to try to straighten it out and keep going. Once you've finished your row, then on the second row, you're just going to try to keep up this very consistent tension. As a result, you will minimize your curling, but in the end, once you've finished your project you're going to have to block the crochet. What does blocking mean? I know there must be a lot more videos on eHow that shows you how to block crochet. But, the plan will be to finish up your project and I'm starting my second row of single crochet stitches, and you'll finish up your project and then you'll want to flatten out the crochet, shape it into the final product and put some heavy books on it, maybe spray it lightly with a little water and that's how you will uncurl your single crochet stitches. But see here, because I maintained good tension along the way, my single crochet is not curling too badly. I'm Phyllis of Many Creative Gifts and this segment was about minimizing the curl when you're single crocheting.


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