Seasonal Paper Mache for the Holidays

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Seasonal paper mache is a great, creative way to ring in the holidays. Make seasonal paper mache for the holidays with help from an authority on entertaining in the home in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this Coryanne Ettiene, and today I'm going to be showing you how to make seasonal paper mache for the holidays. This is a great craft and in fact one of the first crafts I ever tried was using Mod Podge and paper mache and it was so simple that really I realized that there's really noway to mess it up, so make this a family activity for everyone to come together around the kitchen table and make paper mache. I'm going to be making a Christmas tree using the paper mache. What I've done is I've gone to my local craft store and I've bought one of these hard cones, you'll see them every time of year, you can do so much with these cones, but today I'm going to be making a little Christmas tree. Using season decorative paper I've decided on this green motif, I like things a little bit antique around the antique Christmas time, so I've cut out a shape of triangle to fit around my come, now you don't normally need to use glue when you're using Mod Podge, but I always like to be a little bit on the safe side, so I'm using a little bit of craft clue to the side and around, just underneath, just to give it that little extra support, grab your shaped paper and start spinning it around, all the way around, making it nice and snug. Now, I'm using quick drying craft clue, so this is going to dry very quickly. You'll notice that I have a seam, a straight seam down the back and this keeps it nice and tidy and then I have a little bit of extra, just on the outside and what I'm going to do here is cut in some indention's, this will allow me to fold my paper mache in on the cone when I apply the Mod Podge. And again even though you don't need to I'm using a little bit of craft glue because I'm still a little bit insecure about my crafting skills so I like to just hedge my bets for success. Fold over the paper using the creases that you already made and then hold them in place, just a little squeeze and then work your way all the way around, now don't worry if they don't stick there immediately, when you apply the Mod Podge, they will certainly stick for good. Now, I've got a nice even effect all the way around. I'm going to be using these Christmas cones as advent calendars, so I have a choice of all of these fantastic printed letters, I've got a twenty one or a really fun one, I think I'm going to go for the twenty one,but because I'm using a round surface or actually it's twenty three, I'm going to cut few indents, this will allow the paper to fold around the cone. A little bit of sticky glue, just to give it a fighting chance and I've got my twenty three and give it a nice tight squeeze, while I'm holding that down, I'm going to move my scissors and my glue out the way and I've two choices of Mod Podge, I've got the basic and I also have this really fun sparky kind, I'm a bit of a magpie over the holiday season, so I'm certainly going to go for the sparkly this time. Holding my cone in place, just give it some nice strokes using your foam brush and again the beauty of this is that it doesn't really matter if you mess up because no one will really notice. Continue to apply a nice thick coat, but not too thick, you don't want to saturate the paper, all the way around, paying special attention to the edges or anything that you had already glued on. So you see here a little bit of a lip from when I glued earlier, just going to apply that right over the top and seal it right down. Isn't it funny how smells always remind you of things? The minute I smell Mod Podge, I'm reminded of all of my holiday decorations I made last year when I was first introduced to it. So, I've covered the entire cone, with this shimmery Mod Podge and you see how it's a little bit white, as it dries, it'll dry clear, I'm going to allow that to dry over night and then I'm going to continue with my one through twenty five, so I can have my advent calendar trees. But here one I made earlier, to show you the shimmery effect. My name is Coryanne Ettiene, wishing you a very crafty holiday season.


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