Crafts With Pumpkins & Gourds for Kids

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Crafts with pumpkins and gourds are a great way to get your kids interested in the Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons. Learn about crafts with pumpkins and gourds for kids with help from an elementary art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Okay, today I'm going to show you how to make some crafts with gourdes and pumpkins. If you go to the grocery store this time of year, the fall, what ever, you'll find all this interesting little ornamental gourdes, I call them, this is a really cute one that I found and these little tiny, I don't know exactly what their called, gourdes, I guess and then a pie pumpkin. And this is way that you can make things without cutting a pumpkin, sometimes when kids are younger you don't want them to cut, but you want them to have fun with pumpkins, so you can do some of the things that I'm about to show you and remember too, you can use other things to decorate them, which I'll show you after I do this, but now you're probably going to need a little adult supervision with this because you use these skewers that you can, that you use on the grill, for this. So, basically I took the little pumpkins first or gourdes, that I used for the eyes and I used a little pen to, to make a hole to begin with, I sort of did that and then I pressed it through, so I mean you'll have to work that, but you sort of make a little hole to begin with, then you press this through and then it comes out the other side. Then it goes in to the pumpkin pretty easy, where ever you want it to go, so and then you do the same for the other one over here. And then for the mouth I used a little push pins and you can, you can buy pins that have little, a bigger head on then, so you can see them better, but this works fine and used a little piece of, center piece that I had, but you can get a twig from out in then yard or anything, sometimes people like to use natural stuff on this. Okay, so you do that, you pin that on and then once you've stuck the skewer down in here a little bit, you take a pair of scissors and you should just be able to clip it off, but that's not working like I wanted it, it should be better, easier that that, so this is a little thick, but you see, adult needs to do that, basically, but you want to trim that off because that's in the way. So, then you have the basic face and then, this is perfect, this little gourd, I didn't realize this was going to happen, so this is funny to me and then I just, I just hooked it on there, like that and it just stayed, so that's funny, but you can like attach it with little pins and skewers too, I don't know about hot glue, I've never tried that, so, but this is just the way I did this. And then for fun you could, if you have a little hat like this hat, you can put it on them or you can make other things that you can put on them, I mean actually this is for a dog, so you might even find something like that in the dog area discounted, or what ever. So, then you have your little funny face, gourd pumpkin creating there, but children can also do other things, like they could put, use corn candy and put it on with a little pins too and they can make a corn candy mouth and then marshmallows are good to put on there and licorice. So, you can really do a lot with the pumpkin without cutting and then also paint, you can also paint straight on the pumpkin, so you can paint and put candy. And those are alternative to actually carving the pumpkin.


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