Slow Cooker Beef Stew With Baby Carrots Recipe

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The only thing better than beef stew is beef stew with baby carrots. Get a slow cooker beef stew recipes with baby carrots with help from a professional chef and media personality in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Chef Rick Tarantino from Home Shopping Network. You might recognize me from television. You can go to my website at for some more great recipes. Today, I have slow cooker beef stew with baby carrots. I like to call it New England beef stew. So I've got my traditional ingredients ready. Let's go over them. I have some stew meat, cut to about, I don't know, one half inch, one inch chunks. You can have your butcher do this, you can actually buy it just like this, or you can cut it down yourself. I've got some nice onion, yellow onion, right here. I've got my celery, of course, my baby carrots, key ingredient in this recipe, and my potatoes. Then our seasonings are gonna be bay leaf, thyme, oregano, and rosemary, and of course, salt and pepper. I like to use the Ocean Flavor salt and pepper because it's 50 percent less sodium, helps keep this recipe healthy. Let's get started with our recipe. We're gonna brown our meat to add a lot of flavor, color, and texture. We're gonna add two tablespoons of olive oil or vegetable oil. I like to blend 'em, 50/50. Keeps the smoke point high and adds a little flavor at the same time. Then to that, I'm gonna add my onion and my celery, chop my onion up to about half inch pieces. Using about three sticks of celery, we're gonna add it to my pan. Remember when you're sauteing your vegetables to always heat your pan on high and then add your oil so that you hear that nice searing effect, that's going on in there, that's what we want because without that heat, we won't get the caramelization of the sugars in the vegetables that we're looking for. Gonna sprinkle in a little bit of salt and pepper. Remember, we always season everything we cook. Give that a quick stir. Now you can see that, already starting to get brown in there, that's what we're looking for. Now we're gonna cut our baby carrots into bite size pieces, just so that they're a little more palatable. When we serve this dish, it's easy to pick up with a spoon or fork. If you'd like to keep 'em whole, feel free. I like to cut 'em down to about this size. Gonna throw those into the pan, add a little color to them as well. Give it a stir. Now, we're gonna let those saute for about three to four minutes, and I'm gonna cover 'em to get a little steam going in there. Okay, now while that sautes, we're gonna cut our potatoes. Again, we're gonna do a nice rough cut, maybe one half inch squares. Remember, the key is non-uniformity 'cause we want this to look natural, not processed. We're gonna place those in our bowl. Now, I have this beautiful stew meat that I'm gonna add into the saute pan to add a little color and brownness as well. We're using about three or four pounds. We're gonna let that cook down, add some color to it, of course we're gonna season it with salt and pepper, and then about half of our rosemary, thyme and oregano. The other half, we're gonna add into the slow cooker. I like to add this step in because it tends to cook the seasonings a little bit with the meat, give it a little richer flavor. Use my tongues to stir that now, makes it a little easier. Gonna keep that on high 'cause I wanna brown that meat. Takes about 350 to 400 degrees to properly caramelize that meat, so you wanna make sure after you're done with your vegetables, and you add that meat to turn up the heat a little bit. You'll hear it. You can already see it starting to brown. We're gonna cook that, maybe about five minutes to brown it, uncovered. So to the slow cooker, I'm gonna add about two tablespoons vegetable oil, or a good olive oil. Then I'm gonna add in my chopped potatoes. I like to put those on the bottom, serve as the base. Gonna season those with a little bit of salt and pepper, then I'm gonna add in two bay leaves, the remainder of our rosemary, our thyme and our oregano. Finally, I'm gonna take that delicious stew meat that we sauteed, and I'm gonna add it right in there with all the vegetables. Now that is already looking delicious, if you ask me. Gonna add in about four cups of some nice beef stock, low sodium, if you're looking to save a little bit. Then we're gonna cover that, we're gonna give it a stir, just to get my seasonings back up to the top. We're gonna cover that and cook it for four to six hours. You could even go maybe eight hours if you like, if you gotta go to work in the morning. Prepare this, come home, you're gonna have a great tasting meal. It's that simple to make a traditional beef stew with baby carrots. I think our slow cooked beef stew with baby carrots is done. Let's serve it up! I like to serve this up with a little crusty bread, goes great with this dish, plus we have our baby carrots in there. Really good looking dish. That meat is nice and tender and those potatoes are nice and firm. Look at the steam coming off that dish. We're gonna garnish that with maybe a sprig of rosemary. Now that's the perfect slow cooked meat, baby carrot recipe you're ever gonna have. Remember to check out this recipe and more at my own website,, bon appetite!


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