A DIY Distressed Leather Jacket

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You can increase the "coolness factor" of a leather jacket simply by making it look old and worn. Learn about a do-it-yourself distressed leather jacket with help from a beauty and fashion expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Nina Sutton, style and beauty expert. I'm here at Double Take in Hermosa Beach, and today I'm going to show you how to make yourself a do-it-yourself distressed leather jacket. You know leather jackets are so cool when they're vintage or old and worn. They're so comfortable but here's how you can get the look without having to wait for years of wearing it. I started with a jacket that looks like this, shiny black leather and I ended up with a jacket that looks like this with a duller finish and a few nicks and a little bit of wear to it. Here's how you can do it at home. Take some rubbing alcohol and put it into a little spray bottle, spray the areas that you want distressed and then next, you're going to take a wire brush and you're going to work it in circular motions all the way around and this is going to help to dull that finish. Finally, this is the part that really makes it happen. You're going to take some sandpaper, low or medium grit. You can go higher grit if you want a really distressed look and you're going to just start working it into the leather and this is going to start giving you some more of that wear and tear and that worn out look that everybody loves. And when you're all done, you're going to have a jacket that's going to look so much more worn and so much more comfortable. Once again, I'm Nina Sutton, and today I showed you how to make a do-it-yourself distressed leather jacket.


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