How to Make a Veil for a Bachelorette Party

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Making a veil for a bachelorette party is going to require you to have access to a few very particular items. Make a veil for a bachelorette party with help from a weddings and events planner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Gail from Gail Johnson Wedding and Events, and today we're gonna learn how to make a veil for a bachelorette party. So this is how you make a bridal veil for a bachelorette party. And this is the final product. First of all you wanna gather all of your items, and a few of the things that you're gonna need basically is a needle and thread, and with thread you can use basic white thread, or one of my favorites which is invisible thread. Invisible thread is actually what it is, it's invisible. It's a great thread, it's very heavy duty, and you don't want to see the white thread and, you know, your handmade stitches, then this is probably the way that you wanna go. Another thing that you want to gather is combs. So whether you get a plastic comb or you buy the little metal ones, this is pretty much, is what you're going to need. This is gonna be your base for your veil. You're also gonna need some tulle, and tulle comes in rolls. You can also find this in packages, so definitely grab some tulle, because you're gonna need the tulle to wrap your comb. And when you get done wrapping them, we'll go through this, this is how your comb is gonna look. You're also gonna need some netting. And this is pretty much for a birdcage about all that you need. And you just wanna kind of cut it out in a pattern where you have more of a larger piece in the center, and then you have little angles here on the side on both sides. And, last but not least, you're gonna need a pair of scissors, and a glue gun. And then if you have any embellishments, you can also use those, so today I have a few little beads and also some little crystals that we can add to embellish the birdcage. So what you wanna do is cut your tulle, and just cut a little small piece, probably about this size, and what we're gonna do is roll it. And then you just wanna continue to roll it as tight as you can get it, we're gonna roll, roll, roll. And you're gonna take your comb, whether you get a metal comb or plastic comb, we're just gonna start at the end here, and what we're gonna do is just wrap. And we're gonna wrap around and between the layers here. And you wanna continue to wrap, and you're gonna get a look similar to this, which I've already completed this one. And this is gonna allow you to attach the netting to the comb. So you have your finished comb, and at this point what we're gonna do is gather the ends. Once you gather it, then you pretty much want to kind of space it out how you'd want the veil to drop. And this is gonna be a birdcage. We're not gonna do anything really a long veil for this bride, because she's a very modern bride, and she's gonna want a more modern bird cage for her bachelorette party. So we're gonna take our needle and thread, and we're gonna attach the tulle, the netting, very simple stitches, anyone can do this project. At this point, once you have everything sewn, we can do the embellishment. The glues getting cold. So I have my glue, and then I'm gonna find a piece of glitter, put it on there, and there you have added a little embellishment. And you can add pieces in here and there, and you can add different colors, and this is pretty much gonna be your finished product. This is Gail, with Gail Johnson Weddings and events, and this is how you make a bridal veil for a bachelorette party.


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