How to Put Piping on a Wedding Veil

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Putting piping on a wedding veil always requires you to keep a few important things in mind. Find out how to put piping on a wedding veil with help from a weddings and events planner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Gail with Gail Johnson Weddings and Events, and today we're gonna talk a little bit about how to add piping to your wedding veil. So I have a veil here, and I pretty much already added piping to it, as well as a little embellishment. So, what I'm gonna do is add more piping. And I'm gonna do that using the sewing machine. It can also be done by hand. And one of the places that you can find trim is at a local fabric store. You wanna make sure that you measure correctly, you don't want to buy too much or too little. You also wanna look at the different colors, make sure you have a good match. You want to make sure that, you know, you have the right width. They come in different sizes. And you also wanna make sure that, you know, the color is going to compliment the color of your veil. So I'm working with more of a beige here, and I have a beige trim to it. So one of the things I'm gonna do, I have one row, but I decided that I wanted to add another row. So I'm just gonna take the trim that I have, and we're just gonna go ahead and just sew this on. It's pretty simple to do. Again, it can be done by hand, but if you want a more finished look, I would tell you to use, definitely use a sewing machine or find a seamstress that can add it for you. So you wanna make sure that it's lined up correctly, and you can do that by adding pins, and you can add those probably every, you know, inch or so, to make sure that it's in position. And then you wanna go ahead and just start sewing, and just lightly, just make sure you sew, and you make sure that you stay in line. Okay. And the key to this project is to take your time. You wanna make sure that you're doing, you know, really, you know, small pieces at a time. And just sew, and you know, if you're not familiar with sewing, then you definitely wanna kind of do it in little stages, but if you're a great seamstress then definitely you can just kind of whip this out. And again, what you wanna do is to make sure that your, that you have the trim and it's in line. And it's pretty much a simple DIY project that anybody can do. So this is Gail, with Gail Johnson Weddings and Events, and this is how you add trim to a bridal veil.


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