How Do I Place Fondant on a Wedding Cake?

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Fondant needs to be placed on a wedding cake in a very particular way for the best possible results. Learn how to place fondant on a wedding cake with help from a graduate of the Classic Pastry Arts Program at the French Culinary Institute in New York City in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Andrea with Andrea Nicholas Cakes here in Portland, Oregon, and I am going to teach you how to cover a round cake tier with fondant. What you want to do is elevate that cake tier just a tiny bit. And a cake pan is a really great option. And you want a cake pan that is smaller then the tier that you are covering. So go ahead and just stick that on there. Make sure it's nice and stable. Okay. Alright when working with fondant try not to use more fondant then you are going to need to cover the cake. This is definitely more then you are going to need but I just wanted to demonstrate how much you are going to need. Think about it though when you roll it out this is going to become a lot. So I'm going to cut off that excess. Once you put that on that butter cream that fondant is going to be covered in butter cream and you can't reuse it. Fondant is very expensive stuff so try not to use more then you need. We are going to use a sifter. And I've got some 10 ounce powder sugar in here. And that is going to keep that fondant from sticking to my table. So put a decent amount on there. Don't worry about using too much, you are going to brush that off. You want to make sure that you have enough to keep it from sticking. Alright so we've got a nice layer. Let me go ahead and put a tiny bit there on top of the fondant too. Nice, round, flat, just like as if you were rolling out a pie dough. Move these things aside. Alright this is a nice Lucite rolling pin. You can go to any plastic supply store and get this cut into whatever length you want. It doesn't have any imperfections in it. Make sure it doesn't have any imperfections, it's just going to come out on your fondant. It's a great big rolling pin. It's really nice to work with. So I've got this all laid out. i got a little powdered sugar on there I know it's not going to stick. Just like you would with pie dough you want to give it a little roll and a turn. Roll and a turn. Kind of work from the middle, nice thin, thin sheet. Kind of keep moving it around. Make sure that it's not sticking to the table ever. Try and keep it round. Now I have a little pin on hand at all times just in case a really large air bubble should pop up in your fondant. Go ahead and try and eliminate that early on. So that gets rolled out. Fondant does get air bubbles especially in heat. You do need to work really quickly you don't want it to dry out. So now I'm just going to kind of roll my hands over it give it a nice gloss and shine. Make it nice and clean. Now you got all that excess powdered sugar laying around. That's ok it's not a problem. I have an X-Acto, I'm going to dip that in some shortening so it doesn't stick too much. And then I'm just going to cut off any excess that I don't think I'm going to need to cover this tier. This is more fondant then is going to be necessary. A pizza cutter is a good tool to have for this as well. When you are not working with fondant do try and store it somewhere so it doesn't dry out okay. Alright so we've got our round here. It's ready to go on our cake. And I've got a nice pastry brush. I'm going to move this circle over so I've got some space. Moving my cake so it's in a place that it's easy for me to get it on and work with it. Okay. Now I'm going to use that Lucite rolling pin to roll up that fondant. I've got a nice little pastry brush here so I can kind of work and get any of that excess powdered sugar off. I don't want to have big clumps of that on my cake, same as you would do with a pie crust. Okay. Very quickly I'm going to start here and I'm rolling it on to the cake. Now this is the part where you really need to work quickly. I'm going to start flattening up that top making sure everything is secured. I don't have any large air bubbles in there. Okay. And now I'm going to slowly kind of start getting that round. Now if you see that it's really hanging down on the cake you want to have some scissors. You don't want so much handing down that it's really pulling down and then creating cracks in your fondant. So you want to work pretty quickly here. Just cut off any of that extreme,extreme excess so it's not pulling on the cake. Set that aside. Okay. Now just gently, gently shape that and kind of work it around the cake. You never want to try and grab all of it altogether in one place because then you might end up with a huge amount of excess. So just kind of slowly pull it down and work with it. Get it all around the cake. See how I'm covering all up that up and we got just that part of the end. And kind of pulling and gently pushing it down, pulling and gently pushing it down with all the way around making sure it's covering the


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