Butterfly Cupcakes for a Baby Shower

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Butterfly cupcakes make a delicious treat for any baby shower. Find out how to make butterfly cupcakes for a baby shower with help from a graduate of the Classic Pastry Arts Program at the French Culinary Institute in New York City in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Andrea Nicholas, chef and owner of Andrea Nicholas cakes in Portland, Oregon, and I am here to teach you today about how to make a sugar butterfly topper for a cupcake. Alright, so we are gonna start with this. I just have a simple folder here, and what we're gonna do is cut out a small amount at the fold. Alright now, that is gonna leave me with a little book right here, and what we're gonna do is dry the butterfly so that it gives it more movement within this fold. And I'm gonna stack that right there on the rack, so it's ready to go. I'll put that down below. Okay. So now we work with our gum past. Now gum paste is different than fondant in that it dries hard, but it's a lot easier to work with when you're making decorations for cakes. So we're gonna mold that out. If your find that its sticking to you, which is what it normally does, you'll always have your vegetable shortening handy, you can get a little bit on your hands, get a little bit on your mat, and we're just gonna work it so it's nice and smooth and consistent. Alright. We'll flatten that out using our rolling pin. Just gonna roll that out. We really need a small amount, you're only making one butterfly here. And you always want to work with just as much paste as you need, not extra because it does dry out pretty quickly. So if you're not using it, put it back in your plastic bag. Now I'm going to use a pasta machine with an electric motor to thin my gum paste out. This is something that pretty much every professional has some form of because you get a much more consistent paste. You can, if you do not have an electric motor on a pasta machine, just use your rolling pin. Just try and get it as consistently even as you can. So I've got my pasta machine set on number three right now. I've rolled out my paste. I have a nice, thin, thin paste. Just gonna flatten that out, whoops, that's sticking a little bit. Okay. Using my pizza cutter I'm gonna cut that, just enough paste to put right there in the mold. What I'm not working with I'll set aside. And now I'm going to make a sandwich out of it so it meets up, and give it a good even press. Pull that off. Now as you can see, I've got that imprint of the butterfly in there in the gum paste. So very carefully, I'm gonna remove that from the mold and lay that down on my, on my board that I'm working with. Now, with my X-Acto knife, and my shortening right here, I'm gonna dip my X-Acto in the shortening, that keeps a nice clean cut, it's easier to work with the X-Acto. I'm gonna cut around this outline of the butterfly. Now this is a nice mat to work with. These are actually used a lot in quilting, but they're really nice because you can use your X-Acto knife right on this mat. Alright. So, now we're gonna take this butterfly and put it right inside the fold that we created here. And you can have as much movement as you want, it depends on where you're putting this. If you want the butterfly to be really flying tight you can have it like that. You can have it pretty flat, it's really your call, but it's nice to have a little bit of movement, it gives a lot more of a realistic look. So I'm gonna stick that butterfly in there and position the center right in the middle of the fold, and there we go. And it's gonna dry like that. Now the next step, and this is an added step, it's not necessary. These are stamens that you can buy in packs at, once again, at cake supply stores. These are for flowers, sugar flower making, but they also work very well for butterfly antennas. So, what you wanna do is grab one of these. This one is a two-sided stamen. And I'm gonna use my scissors and cut this right down the middle. Now, before I insert the center into the butterfly, I'm going to glue, this is my sugar glue, and my paintbrush, and I'm gonna apply just a little bit of glue right down the center of that butterfly. And then I'm going to very carefully, and I like to bend these a little bit so that they're each kind of going out like a butterfly wing, just to gives a little more movement. You don't want everything to be straight. So I'm gonna take those and lay them right on the butterfly. Gonna get the other one on there. Give it a little movement. Okay. And there we go. Okay. Now the last step is the center. This is a mold that I actually custom made for the center, but you can buy these as well, and it just makes the butterfly a lot more realistic looking. Once again, we're gonna grab some paste. This is not a two-sided mold, it's just a one-sided mold, which doesn't matter because the bottom portion is just gonna be adhered to the top of the butterfly wings. So I'm taking a small amount of paste, just about the size of a gumball, and I'm gonna press it right into that mold. If you find that it's sticking to you, just go ahead and add a little bit of vegetable shortening to your fingertips, and push it right in there. Any excess, take out. What you want is a nice, level top, right here. Okay? So I filled that mold with that gum paste. Then maybe using my X-Acto, I wanna try and inch this out very carefully not to, so not to hurt the impression that's on the center. Alright. So now we've got this kind of weird bug-looking center. I'm gonna apply a little bit more glue to the center of that butterfly, right on top of those antennas, and then I'm going to lay this center down right in the middle. There we go. There you have it. It's a sugar butterfly. So this is gonna need to dry, preferably over night, and then you can take any kind of luster dust, these are again things that you can get at a cake supply store or online, any kind of painting supply that's edible, and paint this with a delicate brush into whatever color you want. So, have fun with it. They're really beautiful, and a special treat on a cake, especially for a little girl. And this is a little monarch.


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