How to Knit & Bind Off Knitwise

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Knitting and binding off knitwise is something you would do at the end of a project. Find out how to knit and bind off knitwise with help from the owner of a specialty yarn store in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Kamille Bauer, and I am here in my yarn store in West Jordan, Utah, and I'm excited to show you today how to knit and bind off knitwise. Now, you're ready to end your project, that's why you'd be binding off. So, first things first, you're going to knit two stitches just like you're starting a regular row. Now, here's what happens when we go to bind off. We're going to take the bottom loop, so the first stitch you've just knit that's closest to your thumb and you're going to bring it up and over and drop it off your needle. Now, because we're binding off knitwise, we need to go and knit another stitch. And again, we have two stitches on our right needle; we're going to take the bottom one that's closest to your thumb, pull it up and over and drop it off. When you bind off, you always need to have two stitches on your right needle. And how do we get that two stitch, that second stitch? If we drop off, we always need to scoop and get one from the left needle. So again, we've got the two stitches, I'm pulling the bottom stitch closest to my thumb, up and off. Now, 'cause we're binding off knitwise, we go and knit another stitch onto the right needle, pull it up and over, drop it off. To me binding off is one of the funnest, easiest things to do. And I'm sure once you give it a try, you'll think so too. So, now, here I am, lots of people at the end kind of get mixed up, what should they do. I've got one stitch on one needle, one on the next. Well, you go and knit the last stitch on the left needle, so now, you have an empty needle on the left side which is perfect, exactly what you're suppose to have. Then, you take the bottom stitch closest to your thumb, pull it up and over and drop it off. Then, you grab your scissors, you can pull that loop a little bit bigger, but then you put the tail on the hole, give it a little tug; there you go. Now, you've learned to bind off knitwise. Thanks for watching, and happy knitting.


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