Knitting a Pom for a Cap

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A pom-pom can make a great addition to the top of a hat or cap. Find out more about knitting a pom for a cap with help from the owner of a specialty yarn store in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Kamille Bauer, and I'm here at my yarn store, Kamille's, in West Jordan, Utah, and I'm excited to show you today how to knit a pom-pom. Which is great for the top of a hat or wherever you feel like you need to put a pom-pom. First things first is I like to get a strand of yarn the same color that I want my pom-pom, and for easy purposes I like to have it cut before hand and then just sit it on my lap. Then what you're going to do is take your two fingers and then in the back I'm holding my end of my yarn so it doesn't slip, and then all you're going to do is wrap, wrap, wrap the yarn around your fingers. Up to 50 times. However, this is the fullness of your pom-pom. So then once you do that, I'm not left handed but lets see if I can cut my yarn. Okay I can't, so let me try it with my right. See how I just took my fingers out but I still have a nice hole right here in between? Then all you're going to do is get your spare yarn that you've cut in the beginning and you're going to belt it around. Just like you would be putting on a belt. And you want to go ahead and see how it's come around the back? And now it's in the front and I'm just going to tie those in a really secure knot. And I'm going to do a square knot. Right over left, tight. Left over right, tight. And now here's where the fun part comes in. Now that it's tied tightly with it's belt you can go and cut all of the loops. And you just want to cut along the top and then you can go and trim it. Give it a yarn cut, or a hair cut. However you want your pom-pom to look. There you go, now you have a pom-pom ready to apply to any project of your choice. Wasn't that fun and easy? Have fun making your own and happy knitting.


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