How to Knit on Double-Points

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A "double-point" is a term used to describe a double-pointed needle. Find out about knitting on double-points with help from the owner of a specialty yarn store in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Kamille Bauer, and I'm here at my yarn store in West Jordan, Utah, and I'm excited today to show you how to use double-pointed needles. What you're going to do is grab your first needle, most double pointed needles come in a set of five, but you're really only going to be needing to use four. So you're going to cast on, typically a third of the amount of stitches required onto each needle. So then picking up your second needle and I'm holding it just right at the base and the top where my last stitch is casted on, on the first double-pointed needle, then you knit the second part of the third. It doesn't have to be a third, but it's always nice just to make it even. Then you grab your third needle, taking it from the same place as we did the first meeting the second and you cast on. And I'm using today the long tail cast-on method. So now we have this intimidating scary looking set of needles right here. But if you've never used double-pointed before, don't worry, because we're going to take care of you. So here's what you do, to join in the round with double-pointed needles, we've got our working yarn, so the one that's connected to your ball is on the right and then see how we have like a field goal, you want to make sure that we've got that smooth binding all the way, no twisting or anything on your stitches. Then all we do is knit the first stitch and then you just go and knit and continue your pattern. So that is how to use double-pointed needles. Don't get intimidated or scared if you've never used them before. Once you get past the first row, it's a lot easier. Keep going and happy knitting.


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