How to Knit Kids' Scarves

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Knitting kids scarves is a bit different than knitting scarves for adults. Find out how to knit kids scarves with help from the owner of a specialty yarn store in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Kamille Bauer, and I'm here at my knitting store in West Jordan, Utah, and today I'm going to show you how to knit kids scarves. To start off with the most success if a kid is actually going to knit the scarf I like to be on a wooden needle. It makes your scarf and work in your stitches not slippery. So starting with a large needle is great because it also gets the project done fast. And so here I'm on a 17 needle, and to knit a kids scarf I like to make it more narrow. Thus giving the kid a scarf that fits them and it's not as chunky and wide as an adult scarf. So here I've casted on 7 stitches. And you're going to just, in your loaded loops in your left hand, you're going to go and knit each stitch. Going up from the bottom, grabbing the yarn, pulling it through, flipping the stitch off that you've knitted. And you're going to repeat that until you've knitted all of the stitches that you've desired the width of your kids scarf to be. And again, if a kid is actually knitting the scarf, my daughter started knitting when she was 4. But the secret and the tip to success is on chunky yarn and chunky needles. So you want to make sure if a child is doing it, to not have metal needles, have wood needles. Because if you're doing the metal it's really easy to have them slip out of their hands. So what we're going to do is again, looking at our 7 stitches that we've casted on, and since this is how to knit a kids scarf, you're just going to knit every stitch. How easy is that? And if a kid is starting it, you can start them out, like if it's a little girl, you can start them out knitting an American Girl doll scarf or a Barbie scarf, or you know, making it a lot more narrow and even 2 or 3 stitches. So you just repeat. Casting on, loaded needles, loaded needle in your left hand, right needle is empty, you go and knit the knit stitch on every single stitch the whole way down. And again, this is how to knit a kids scarf. Thanks for watching and happy knitting.


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