How to Knit an I-Chord

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Knitting an I-chord requires the use of very particular stitch patterns. Find out how to knit an I-chord with help from the owner of a specialty yarn store in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Kamille Bauer, and I'm here at my yarn store, Kamille's - Where Friends Wind Up, in West Jordan, Utah, and today I'm going to show you how to knit an I-cord. What you're going to do is cast on however many stitches your pattern calls for for your I-cord and today I'm going to do four. Once you've casted on and you want to make sure it's got to be casted on with double pointed needles and you'll soon find out why, you knit your first row, just like a standard, plain old regular row. So I've knitted the row. Now, your working yarn is at the bottom of your needle and you're going to slide the stitches you've just knitted to the top and now we're going to strand our working yarn from the bottom up to the top when we knit the next row. Then you knit the next row and you'd repeat the same thing, working yarn at the bottom, slide it down your double pointed needle, bringing the bottom up to the top, giving that a little tug and knitting the way down. An I-cord, the I in I-cord actually stands for Idiot Cord because it is supposedly so simple an idiot could do it but that's not very nice is it? But it is hard if you are just looking in a book and trying to see how to do it. I'm much more visual so I'm glad you logged onto this video today. So again, the purpose of an I-cord is to create like a tubing, a very firm secure strong, great for, this is a stocking, great for hanging stockings, great for purse handles, embellishments and again, make sure just like a regular row you started out, you knit, your working yarn is on the bottom, slide that back up to your double pointed needle, your working yarn on the bottom, you go and knit your first row or second row or third row. All rows are knit unless otherwise specified, in your pattern. So I'm knitting my working yarn and I like to give, see how I continually give it a little tug, go ahead and do that at the end of your rows. Then you'll start to see we've got a little tube instead of something knitted flat, we're creating a cylinder which creates a very firm nice strong handle or stocking topper, whatever you prefer. So now you know how to knit an I-cord. Thanks for watching and happy knitting.


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