How Do You Knit a Checkerboard Scarf?

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Checkerboard scarfs make great, personalized gifts, and can even just be a great project to do on your own. Find out how to knit a checkerboard scarf with help from the owner of a specialty yarn store in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kamille Bauer from West Jordan, Utah, here in my yarn store, and today I'm excited to show you how to knit a checkerboard scarf. So what you're going to do is cast on however many you would like to cast on for the width of your scarf. I've casted on here today about let's see, two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen and I have knitted my first row. What's really neat about a checkerboard scarf, it gives you like a chessboard, that fun checkerboard look and you're alternating knits and purls. So the first thing you do is we're going to knit three stitches, purl three stitches, knit three stitches, purl three stitches and you do that same pattern for four rows. Then after the fourth row, then on your fifth row, you alternate instead of knit three stitches, purl three stitches, it will be purl three stitches, knit three stitches and you would continue to do that for the same amount of rows. So in this case, four rows. Then on the fifth row, you're going to switch back to your first pattern which is knit three stitches, purl three stitches, knit three stitches, purl three stitches until you work the length of the scarf that you want. This really gives a unique woven looking texture and effect. And so again here I'm ready to switch on my pattern and you can see I've worked one, two, three, four, I'm on my fifth row and I'm going to instead of starting with the knit three, I'm changing for the checkerboard pattern. So I would start with purl three, one, two, three, then I'd continue down in pattern, knit three, and purl three. And you can make your checkerboard more than three stitches, just all depending on how wide you want your squares. So if you wanted a chunkier square you could do five stitches or six stitches and then however wide or however long you want it, you could work it more than four rows. You could work it five rows. But the point of a checkerboard scarf is staying in pattern which is a knit and purl combination, so knit three, purl three, in this case for a subsequent amount of rows and then alternating on the next set of rows. So where you would have knitted, you would have starting to purl which creates the different look in the checkerboard effect. And it's really easy, really fun and you'll love your checkerboard scarf. Thanks and happy knitting.


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