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A calla lily wedding is a great opportunity for a variety of different unique decoration styles. Get decorating ideas for a calla lily wedding with help from a decorator and event planner in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Michelle Tucillo, the owner and creator of Pink Monkey Events, here to show you how to make a calla lily arrangement for your wedding. So basically today I've decided to do some beautiful yellow calla lilies. I love yellow calla lilies, they pop, great any time of the year, especially for your spring through your summer so we get some beautiful baby calla lilies. We're also going to use some some lily grass and some leaves, which are really, really great. So these are corn lily leaves, these are really fun too. So basically, I've presoaked my leaves. So this way they would stay nice and wet because we're going to actually insert them. We're going to roll it up and we're going to insert them into the vase. So we're going to do that just like that. Sometimes they're a little tricky so you might want to have to bend them a little and you're hear a little crack which is OK. So just going to bend them just like a little burrito. There you go. So you're going to place them in there, we're just going to place them in there. Holds a nice shape. Now we're just going to keep doing that. When they're wet they stay a little bit better. So we're just going to keep doing that down the vase. OK here we go. And don't worry, later on you can kind of fix them too if they're coming up once we put the water in it could kind of move them around. So we're just going to do that all the way. That's fun, it gives you a great green texture to it so it's really going to pop next to the calla lilies. So now we have this beautiful green texture and it really gives a great fresh clean vibe. So now basically I'm going to take a bunch of calla lilies. Calla lilies are great because they can be really manipulated. You can kind of pull their stem and they can kind of curve. But you want to be careful you don't tug too hard. So I'm going to grab a bunch of calla lilies. I'm going to grab probably like five or six. There we go. See how they kind of all curve. You can kind of just straighten them out a little bit. And I'm going to grab some lily grass over here. They come in different textures. All green or this kind of two toned texture. I'm going to use the two toned texture. So I'm going to grab that I'm going to grab a bunch of pieces. That's nice and fun. And I'm just going to grab a couple more. Here we go. So now I'm going to cut everything on an angle. So this way everything is nice and fresh. Lily grass is so thin so I'm going to actually use a regular scissor to cut this. As I would normally use flower cutters. But see how nice and easy, it's almost like paper. So I'm going to move that aside. I'm going to grab my lily grass. Perfect. And then now with my flower cutters, I'm going to grab my calla lilies and I'm going to cut them on an angle. There we go. Make sure no stringing and any excess you can kind of just pull off. I'm just going to cut that with the scissor. Perfect so it's nice and clean. Almost nice and clean. I'm going to grab that last piece. OK. So I'm going to grab my lily grass, like I said before and we're going to make a little loop. And then we're going to use some lime green flower wire. This is really, really great. It adds a fun color to your texture and to your arrangement as well as adding a little modern twist to it. So I'm just wrapping it around. I'm just going to keep wrapping it and wrapping it and I want this to be nice and clean because what's happening with this arrangement is we're going to put it inside, we're going to let it hang out a little. So we're going to add that. I'm going to do two mini ones on the side. I'm going to grab a couple more calla lilies. I'm going to grab three for this one. I'm just going to put them in. You don't want to bend it too hard. There we go. These were already cut so I'm good. Can actually cut these a little bit more. There we go. So some nice fresh stems. And I'm going to add some gems to those. Some lime green. They look so pretty with the stems and it works really, really well. Going to add some of those to the bottom. Just keep working myself. Here is your complete look for your wedding or your event with calla lilies. I'm Michelle Tuccillo with Pink Monkey Events, have a great day.


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