How to Make Vintage Wedding Bouquets at Home

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Making vintage wedding bouquets at home is a great way to make something beautiful while being creative at the same time. Make vintage wedding bouquets at home with help from an event planner and creative director in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name’s Michelle Tuccillo. I’m the owner and creative director of Pink Monkey Events. I’m here today to show you how to make a vintage bouquet. So, what we have here is a beautiful, beautiful bouquet done by City Blossoms – they’re so gracious to do this for us. I’m going to show you how it’s done, and how you can add more elements to it. Your local florist can create this, or you can create it yourself. So, these flowers are very, very soft-textured, so that lends its hand to the vintage look. We have some beautiful coral roses, we have freesia, we have so many beautiful elements in here that really lends its hand to having that wonderful textured look. We also have something that’s called Lady’s Mantle, which is a really cool flower. It’s kind of these little green pop-ups. It depends on what the feel and look you’re looking for. Lavender’s also a great color to use for your vintage bouquet. So, in this bouquet, it already in itself looks really beautiful and very soft. So, basically, what we got here is, say you’re dress-fitting, and then you have extra material. What a great thing is - especially with lace, or you could also go to any fabric store - you can get your lace from your dress, and you can just wrap the handle. So, you can have your already-made bouquet without the hassle. And then, just get your lace. You can wrap the handle, and this is something you could do yourself. So, you’re going to wrap the handle, and basically what you would do is glue little dots as you go around. This is actually a really big piece, but I just wanted to show it for an example. And, you’re just going to keep wrapping it. And, you would just use the glue gun and just put dots. You just want to be really careful, because the glue will come through the lace a little bit, but a good thing when the glue dries, it’ll dry like a white color, so you really won’t notice it. So, you’re just going to keep wrapping it around. And then, you’ll glue the back. So, that gives a beautiful lace kind of finish, definitely a vintage feel. It makes it pop. Flowers pop, personally. I also think a great idea to add another element to this with texture is a brooch. You can add a brooch to that. Maybe a grandmother’s heirloom or something like that. Or, it could be just a brooch that you saw at a store that you loved. That’s one look. If you don’t like that look, we could take away the lace, and we can also add something really fun. We can also add feathers. So, feathers are something really, really fun. So, I’m going to work these feathers within the bouquet. There you go. So, I’m going to have them just peeking out, just simply. And, I’m not going to put too many in there, and I’m going to kind of duck them in. You don’t want them too far out. I’m just going to add one more over here. So, with this one I have a little bit of texture with the feathers to give it a little bit of a vintage look. And, I can finish it off with maybe wrapping some pearls. So, you could take some pearls, and we could just kind of wrap it around the handle just like that. And, you can either glue them, or you can use other pins to fix them in. Or, you can even tie it. So, I could just do another round, and go around. And then, you could probably just glue it to the other element, which is really fun. That gives you a great vintage look. And last, which is really fun as well, is if you go to any tapestry store and you find some trim, this could be really fun as well. You can add some trim, which would give it a really great vintage look. So, you get some trim, so you’d go all the all the way at the top, and you’re going to go all the way around, and you would be gluing this as you’re going along. I’m just showing it as an example, so I’m not gluing it because I want to take it off. And then, I would glue it all the way around. And, once I got here, I would glue it, and then I would just cut off any of this excess so I’d just have that one bead, and I would just cut that piece off. It’s a beautiful, beautiful look. It’s any way you can go vintage, you can’t go wrong with lace, or beading, or pearls. So, there you have it, how to make a vintage bouquet. My name is Michelle Tuccillo, the owner and creator of Pink Monkey Events.


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