Making Rose Boutonnieres

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You can make rose boutonnieres right at home with the right tools and save yourself a little bit of money in the process. Learn more about making rose boutonnieres with help from an event planner and creative director in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Tuccillo, the owner and creator of Pink Monkey Events. Here, I'm going to show you today is how to make a boutonniere for one of your groomsmen or your groom. So here we have it, I love these Purple Harem Roses. They're so beautiful and they have such a pretty texture. So depending on your wedding, your colors, any type of rose, baby roses are the best because they are small, they're not overpowering to the boutonniere and a lot of guys do not like big boutonnieres, never mind flowers. So what we're going to do is take these baby roses and what you're going to do is prep them so you're going to pull off all the excess leaves. I usually like to do two roses so we're going to get our flower cutters and we're going to leave the stems long. Okay, so and these roses as you can see one of the rose petals is coming off a lot so we're going to just kind of peel away at the roses that are falling apart because we don't want that sprinkling from his boutonniere. I'm just going to sprinkle that and see how much comes from it. Okay, great. So we have our two roses now. Next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to use something fun, a little something different and something textured and I'm going to add that to the back of it, that's fun and I'm not done. Maybe I want to add a little greenery so I'm going to add some green. Let's add some lily grass. Okay, so I'm going to fold that over and make a little bit of a loop and I'm going to add that to it. There we go. So I think I'm pretty happy with this but I think maybe one more element, I think I'm going to add a little bit of this, it's actually a tropical fern leaf so I'm just going to cut a piece of that off and I'm just going to add a little bit more green. I like that, I like little layers. It's not a lot going on because it's very small and it's tight there and then what I'm going to do is you're going to get floral tape. So it's not like regular tape, floral tape sticks to itself but it doesn't stick to you. So I'm going to grab my floral tape and I'm going to cut a pretty decent size piece, about that big and then I'm going to work my way at the top of the flower and I'm just going to wrap my thumb right around it and I'm just going to keep rolling it and roll it real tight and pull it as I go. So I'm just going to keep going all the way down and I'm just going to roll it and keep pulling it as I go because it's sticking to itself which is great until I have a nice long stem to it. And I'm just going to use all the tape up. Okay, so it's nice and tight, perfect and then what I'm going to do is get my flower cutters and I'm going to cut it about there, little and then I'm just going to fold it up and pinch it up and then I'm going to grab another little piece of my tape and then I'm just going to hide that piece that I just cut off. There's so many things that you can use for your boutonnieres and they're so fun. There's different kinds of grass, little tiny accompaniments. You could do anything with your boutonnieres. It depends on the time of season. You can add little acorns, we love this look. It's so pretty and fresh but yet has a couple of different elements going onto it. You could finish off the look by using a purple pin for when you pin it on your groomsmen or your groom. So there you have it. I'm Michelle Tuccillo of Pink Monkey Events, here to show you how to make a groom's boutonniere.


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