How to Use Potted Gerber Daisy Centerpieces for Weddings

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Potter Gerber daisy centerpieces make great additions to the decorations for a wide range of different events. Use potted Gerber daisy centerpieces with help from an event planner and creative director in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Tuccillo the owner and creative director of Pink Monkey Events, here today to show you how to use a potted Gerber daisy plant for your centerpiece. So we have here our potted Gerber daisy. You can get this at any Home Depot or flower shop. They are seasonal so you might want to check before you go buy them and then if they don't have it, you can always buy Gerber daisies from your local florist or flower market. Today, what we're going to show you is how to do them in a kind of fun beachy way. I actually found these containers, they are really fun and cool and they are very beachy looking. I got them at Target and they were only .99 so I thought these were really fun and kind of Springy or bring it to your beach party or wedding theme. So, what we're going to do here is this is the finished product and we're going to show you how to make that. So basically, what we do is we get our potted Gerber daisy and we're going to cut them. Here I already precut them so we've got some nice big long stems for you. So, there is our Gerber daisy. Now you want to get some oasis. Oasis is a foundation to help the flower so this way it sits upright because you could take the potted Gerber daisy and put it into your vessel but sometimes, you know, the dirt and stuff gets all over the place so you probably want to keep it clean. What you do is just get plastic liners. You can get this at any, you know, local hardware store and they are plastic ones like you use for painting. So what we're going to do is put the plastic liner inside our vessel, just going to put that in there and make sure because what happens is if I don't put the liner in, your box is going to get wet because this is very, very wet and it's going to make the outside of the box maybe have a little bit of watermarks. So we want to make sure we keep that clean. So I'm going to slide that inside there and I'm just going to slide in the excess. So I'm just going to tuck it around the sides just like that and the great thing about this foam is it's really really easy to work with. Okay, so we have it in there. So now I'm going to take my Gerber daisy and you're going to need flower cutters to help you cut your flowers. This is a nice hardy Gerber daisy. Sometimes Gerber daisies are a little bit limp and their head scan kind of go down. You can buy floral wire that will help the head stay up. So you can poke inside the head of the Gerber daisy and kind of bring the wire down. It looks kind of neat too so you wouldn't notice it. Okay so we're going to cut this Gerber daisy on an angle and then we're going to gently push it into the foam. See it goes in pretty easily. I'm going to set that guy up there and then I'm going to do another one at a different height to kind of give it a little fun texture. There we go and then I'm going to cut that one again and I'm going to put that one in there, perfect. Okay so now we have our great little trifecta of our Gerber daisies, and now we can see the foam. So we want to hide that. So here I bought some crushed shells. You get them at your beach if you are motivated and you are able to do that and we just sprinkle them on the top to hide the oasis. Great, so there you have it. You have a small little centerpiece. You can either use it for a cocktail table, a picnic table. You can put two on either side. If you want to do a larger one, which could be really neat also to add a little fun element, you could throw some lemons in there. So we're just going to keep doing that and moving our way up with these lemons. It gives a fun fun feel. Alright, here we go. I'm just going to add a couple more. There you go. I'm just going to add that in there, squeeze him in there and then there's my water, perfect, there we go. And I'm going to add some of my Gerber daisies. Some of these you want to make maybe longer and we could just stick that in there and it's fun when you see the green stems because it adds that natural element to it and I'm just going to keep putting them in there just like that. Let's add some more. Another fun thing to do is you can also add wheat grass and we can also even add some shells. So I'm just going to keep adding them in here until it's nice and full. I love Gerber daisies. They're just such a happy flower. There we go. So that's definitely a centerpiece that everyone will talk about. You can use it on an angle with all three pieces or you could just use one as a centerpiece. Here you go, you have it here from Michelle Tuccillo of Pink Monkey Events, the owner and creative director on how to make a potted Gerber daisy centerpiece.


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