How to Mod Podge Pencils

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Using Mod Podge with pencils is a great way to take something ordinary and turn it into something fun and beautiful. Find out how to Mod Podge pencils with help from an artist, designer and creative entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Cherish Flieder, designer of, and I’m here to show you how you can take an ordinary pencil and use Mod Podge to cover it and make an extraordinary pencil. So, let’s begin. Once you select the pattern you’d like to wrap your pencil in, you can cut it down to size. This one I sized on the computer, so that way the designs would be nice and small enough to see when you turn the pencil around. And, these are just laser printer printouts. So, I’m going to cut it so you have the length of the pencil from this metal to the end. And, I don’t really care how long it is at this point, I just am going to start rolling. So, before I even put Mod Podge on it, I’m going to roll a little bit, and this will help the paper work its way around the pencil more evenly when I get the Mod Podge on. Otherwise, you can get some creases, and that’s not good. So, now that I have that prepped and ready to go, I’m going to take my sparkle Mod Podge and just do a nice little coat here along the edge. And, this will also help soften the paper up a little bit, which will help it move around the pencil better. It’s good to use a regular piece of paper – nothing too thick for this, because a thicker card stock would have some difficulty wrapping its way around. As you wrap, you want to apply evenly and smooth along while you go – otherwise, things will pop out of place. But, this looks like it’s hooking really good. So, once you have the pencil pretty much wrapped, I have a little bit of an overlap here you can see. I’m going to take a pair of scissors and just cut it off. Now that I have a little bit of flap here, so I’m going to go back in with this brush and coat just the edge little bit on the bottom and then little bit on the top, then use my fingers to smooth it down some more. So, this is a really fun project that you can do with kids and your friends, and everyone can come away with some fun little pencils they can remember the day with and enjoy when they’re doing their homework and other drawing activities. After it dries, I can go ahead and coat it again with the sparkle, and this will make a really fun, sparkly pencil. And, after you’re finished Mod Podging a layer onto the pencil, make sure you lean it up against something, so that way it doesn’t Mod Podge itself permanently to a surface. I’m Cherish, and I am so glad that you could be here today to learn how easy and fun it is to do this little pencil craft. Now, I hope you’ll go live life to the fullest and make it something to cherish.


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