Paper Piercing vs. Sewing

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Paper piecing and sewing are two different techniques that both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages over the other. Learn about paper piecing versus sewing with help from an artist, designer and creative entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Cherish Flieder, designer of Welcome to my studio. Today, I want to show you the difference between paper piercing and sewing. So here are some examples of the difference between paper piercing and sewing or stitching. If you look at this card, you can see there is little holes in it and that's pretty much created what we call a piercing. This one has been pierced by hand and then it also I ran an embroidery thread through the piercing to create the stitched look. You can also see how you can create letters using the same piercing with the stitching technique or you can also just create an embellishment on a card like this. So if you decide you want to paper pierce something, what I would do is get a piece of cork board and a miniature awl. You can find this in the bookmaking section of your store, quilting section as well, but basically it's just a needle. If you don't have one of these, you can also use a needle that you would use with your sewing and if you would like you can actually draw out the shape and if you are confident you can just go in here and start drawing a little something. So I'm going to make a little heart right here and just by pushing down through the paper onto the cork I can make a little design and this would be pierced so I'm not too worried about how close these holes are together, as long as they make my design. Now if I want to go ahead and sew this, I want to make sure that my holes aren't too close together because when you run the embroidery thread through it actually could pull the paper and create a snag or maybe even wrap your paper. So you want to leave those holes a little bit farther apart. So this is an example of one I pre-pierced and you can see this little scalloped edge and all I'm simply doing is taking your standard embroidery thread, about half of the skein and you're going to, I start at the back so it doesn't have any knot and then I work my way back. So it's a very basic stitch. Now that you know the difference between paper piercing and sewing, you can create all kinds of wonderful gifts and cards and even framed artwork to share with your loved ones. I'm Cherish. I hope you learned a lot about paper piercing and sewing, go live life to the fullest and make it something to cherish.


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