How to Cover a Book With Lokta Paper & Mod Podge

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Covering a book with Lokta paper and Mod Podge is a great way to put your own unique stamp on something you love. Find out how to cover a book with Lokta paper and Mod Podge with help from an artist, designer and creative entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cherish Flieder, Designer of, I'm excited to show you how you can cover a book with Lokta paper using Mod Podge. To begin, you're going to want to pick out the book that you want to cover. It could be either a wrap-around type of book or on this sketch book, I simply just cover the front with Mod Podge. So, after I've selected the book that I want to cover, I went ahead and chose a piece of Lokta paper that I thought was just so beautiful. This paper was handmade in Nepal by Women's Cooperative. It's eco-friendly and it's wonderful to Mod Podge with. It creates this wonderful creases and takes the, the glue very well for decoupaging. Also, you're going to want to get some Mod Podge of course, I'm using a matter formula today and a clear bowl of water, a plate for your Mod Podge, a nice smooth flat synthetic brush, so you can have a good brush strokes without too many streaks, scissors and possibly an X-Acto knife for cutting details. So, what I did first is actually I went ahead and trimmed down to size the paper that I'm going to use to wrap across the back cover. So, I want to have a little bit of an edge all the way around so I can have a nice fold that will carry with me when the book is closed. I also went ahead and cut out some nice little sheets of paper featuring the designs that are going to become the ends of the book and will cover over that folding crease as the book closes. So, now I'm going to go ahead and start applying Mod Podge just to the cover of the book and I'll probably come around and grab this spine as well while I'm in here. Okay. So, I'm going to just start to wrap this around, make sure it's centered exactly where I want it and I'll wrap that in, give it a nice push. You'll see the Mod Podge will start seeping through the Lokta paper and that's exactly what we want to happen. So, it gets a little sticky, but, that will be really nice. Now, I'm going to continue and add a little bit more on this side of the spine and up to this band, but not all the way because we're going to have a little trick I want to show you. And it's okay if it gets messy because it's going to make it beautiful. Once we get to this point, we want to actually look and see where this band across. And so, what I'm going to do is take a pair of scissors and pretty much estimate where that's going to be and this give it a, a nice clip because, so that we can Mod Podge around the band and push it through as well. For the second cut, I'm going to estimate where this band's going to end and use my scissors. Okay. So, this middle part will fold underneath the band and will eventually finish off like that. So, now that we know where these pieces are going to, I'm going to pull it back up and go ahead and Mod Podge all the way around this band. Try not to get the insides of your paper, of your book wet; that would be very difficult thing to undo. So, now it appears like the band is going through the piece of paper. So, the next thing we want to do is begin folding the paper into the front cover of the book. So, the first thing we have to do when looking at that is giving this a little bit of a slice so we have two pieces. Once this is snipped, the cover is free to fold over and you'll be able to see what the book will look like once it's wrapped. And when you get to the corners, you're going to, this is a curved edge corner, so I'm going to go down at an, an angle on that curve. Again, this paper is very forgiving for this type of thing. So, once you have an idea of where those folds are going to be and you can see it's going to look nice on the front, we can make it permanent with some Mod Podge. And for these corners, you're going to want to make sure you get on the insides and all the way around these corners and decide the best way to do this. I kind of, I like to do this at an angle on the outside. So, now that we have a lot of excess here, we can easily put that inside sheet in position. So, I'm just going to add a little bit extra and get it all ready to go. And then, decide which piece of paper you want on the inside; they have a little bit different design and I have to remember if this is the front cover or the back cover. It's a front cover and it's facing up, so, if that's a concern for your book, make sure you keep your orientation. And we'll just go ahead and lay this down. I'm Cherish, thanks for joining me in learning how to cover a book with Lokta paper and Mod Podge. I hope you'll go live life to the fullest and make it something to cherish.


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