How-to: Makeup for Mermaids

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Putting on mermaid-inspired makeup requires you to start with your eyes and work your way down. Find out about makeup for mermaids with help from a visual artist of nine years in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Sherilynn Marilyn, of Diva Day International, and we're here with Brenni, of Beyond Beads Productions, here at the Kiss Club hair salon. And today our inspiration is going to be of mermaids. We're going to do a look, our makeup tutorial, on how to make her into a mermaid now. And we're going to begin with her eyes. Her eyes are definitely the windows of the soul. I'm going to use a, it's called HIP Bright Shadow Duo, and this is called showy, the number 224. And as you can see, it's a duo of blues. And mermaids have a tendency of having blues, aquas and purples. So I'm gonna start with her eyes, and basing the lightest color. Which is the most intense, over the base. But before I apply that base, I'm going to use the eye shadow primer made by NYX. And as you can see, this is a small pat of color. And we have it in a neutral, a neutral color, void of color at all. And I'm going to start with the top of her brows, and move it down. And what this base is going to do you guys, is it's going to allow the color to be true, and bright and vibrant. Now we're based. And we are ready for our aqua color. What I'm gonna do with the aqua is I'm gonna apply it from the inner portion of the eyes all the way to the brow. And as you can see, that's a very vibrant color, great for this inspiration of a video, and I'm using a Maybelline product called HIP. And the color duo that I'm using is called Showy. And as you can see, I'm leaving a very intense space in between so I can apply color later. I'm gonna use a darker blue. The darker blue is going to live right in the creases. Right up in here. Right in here. Okay? And this is a darker blue. I'm gonna load that brush for this pigment, and it is very true to color. Sometimes over counter products aren't as good as the luxury, but this one we don't have that problem with. I'm using a pat formation, not extending where we've already applied or line, but moving inward. Creating a contrast between the light and the darker blues. Don't want to blend too much into the aqua, because it starts to mimic itself. so what I want to do is, I wanna apply a little bit of purple. Remember saying that we were working between the blues and the aquas and the purples. Mermaids always have that iridescent, soft, kind of vibrant look about themselves. So I'm going to use another flat blending brush, and I'm going to pick up a little of this vibrant purple, shaking off any excess. I'm going to apply it to where you see no color, or this gold tint that we have here. I'm using a pat formation, and with that gold right in the center, what that does, it illuminates on top of the blue. Now, I want to add a little sparkle to her eyes, because obviously mermaids glistening, glitter, and something very pretty and iridescent. So I'm gonna add a little bit of purple glitter into the inner corner of her eyes to match her gold. Bringing everything together as you see. And also, just to top the look off, we're gonna add a purple lip. Purple lips always bring a little bit of volume to this character look. I'm gonna start in the center and move outward. Very intense color, sort of lipstick lip gloss combination. And as you can see, you don't need a lot. A little goes a long way. There's our mermaid look. And I'm Sherilynn Marilyn, of Diva Day International Glam Squad, and this is Brenni from Beyond Beads Productions, and we are at Kiss Club Salon.


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