How to Put On Gothic Makeup for Halloween

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Putting on Gothic makeup for Halloween is something you can do in a few different ways depending on your preferences. Find out how to put on Gothic makeup for Halloween with help from a visual artist of nine years in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sherilynn Marilyn of Diva Day International Glamour Squad, and we're here at Club Kiss Hair Salon with Nadia, our model of the day. And I'm going to show you exactly how to create a Gothic look. And I'm going to start by showing you exactly where we've completed her foundation, we've done contouring on her nose and also on the cheeks and her brows are filled in and arched properly. I'm going to start at the, the bottom, or should I say the base of her eyebrow and I'm going to move downward towards the inside of her eyes and also towards, towards the ball of her eyelid. You can also use your fingers; you can also use a sponge, whichever you see best. If you use your fingers, you want to use your ring finger because this, this finger is the, applies the lightest pressure of all the fingers on your hand. I want to apply a little bit of the translucent powder underneath her eyelids. This is going to protect the rest of her face from any fallout that we may produce from application. "Look towards the ceiling." And you want to apply it vigorously and also make sure you coat it very well. I'm going to load my brush, tap off any excess and I'm going to apply the darkest color to the ball of her eyelid all the way to the crease. They're various Gothic looks, and today I'm going to choose to, to use black and I'm going to amplify it with a few of my, my personal favorites. I'm applying this to the ball of the eyelid, all the way to the crease. I'm going to use this black paint made by Ben Nye, I'm going to use this across her lids, towards the center and moving up towards the, the crease. Now, if you tend to have a mistake, you always want to keep a Q-tip handy, make sure that we get any imperfections that we don't necessarily want in underneath. Like I said, black is somewhat messy. So, I'm just cleaning up around the areas where I don't want to see black. Q-tips are also good for blending. The Gothic look has been in for quite sometime; it's just making a, a huge comeback. And as you can see it's a very sultry look in comparison to the waterline on the opposite side. You can see exactly why we call this Gothic; very intense. Alright. As we have applied that black underneath the eyes with the Ben Nye, I'm going to come back withe the powder of the NYX and I'm going to load my creasing brush with that product, tapping off any excess. This is another reason why we want to use the powder, the translucent powder underneath the eye because this area is where we get most of our mistakes. And as you can see, it doesn't take away too much from the shine because we want to keep our shine. We just don't want our shine to run all the way down our face. Then, I'm going to utilize a little bit of satin taupe made by Mac, it's the lightest color on the quad. I love it. And I like to use it in the areas, I'm going to use it in the areas where we have no color, right between where we stop with our black, all the way up to her brow bone. Tapping off any excess, loading your brush, commence to apply. I'm going to extract a little bit of the product onto my napkin here, you don't need a lot, a little goes a long way and I'm going to apply this to the top of her lid, right in the center of the ball of her eyes is where I'm going to apply this. This is one of our favorite pigments; I love the pigments that Mac has provided for us and a little bit goes a long way. But, what I'm going to do is I'm going to load my brush and I'm going to apply this apple color right in the corners of her eyes, because a lot of the Gothic women, usually they use black but they also have a pop of color. Our translucent powder is there to protect the rest of the face from being marked up from any fallout, any glitter, so on and so forth. This is easy to extract; take your super dome brush and you just swipe underneath the eyes as so. Alright. And this is the completion of our Gothic makeup look. I'm Sherilynn Marilyn with Diva Day International Glam Squad, and we're here at Club Kiss Hair Salon and Nadia's our model of the day.


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