How to Care for Lambskin Leather

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Lambskin leather is typically treated with a combination of stain and pigment. Find out how to care for lambskin leather with help from a leather and vinyl professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Aubrey from the Leather and Vinyl Doctor in Utah. We're here today to discuss how to take care of lambskin. Now lambskin is a beautiful, soft leather. It's treated with, typically with a combination of stain and pigment to give it some, well, I say that, but you get maybe a combination of the two, or you may get a single, just a single stain going through a lambskin. Or you may get a pigment, but the point is that, if it's a made to return its very soft and luxurious feel, and in taking care of it, you also need to exercise a bit of care, because there isn't a lot of, a lot of protection to the leather itself. So, you need to make sure that the cleaner that you use is going to be a water-soluble, pH-neutral cleaner, that will not cause any adverse reactions to the leather or leave any water marks or staining. So, I have here a pH-neutral, water-based cleaner, and I'm gonna go ahead and apply that to a cloth, rather than to the leather directly, to avoid any kind of blotching or streaking. And I'm going to just simply work that in a circular motion. Now work that. I'm not pressing down too hard, I'm not putting too much effort and elbow grease into it. But, it should clean off fairly well, on a fairly superficial clean like that. If you're struggling to get rid of some fairly stubborn stains, you can use a very soft brush, and you can, you know apply some solution to the leather again, and then just work that, that brush in a circular motion to free up some of that, those stains. Now, lambskin does have the tendency to absorb a lot of stains too though, and many stains you probably will have trouble getting out. Not what would have to go to a professional company that can actually re-dye that leather to get rid of the stain. But assuming that the solution works for you, then great, then that's the way to go. Now having cleaned it, and having worked through the entire piece of leather, you then want to use a conditioner, and a conditioner that is going to be ideally a natural conditioner, one that isn't gonna cause any residue to be left behind. In this case we're using a lanolin-based cleaner, I'm sorry conditioner, and I'm gonna apply it in the same way that I applied the cleaner, just in circular motions, just working a panel at a time. Just helping that to get absorbed into the leather itself. You can see it's a fairly superficial application, but just like with your hand, hand lotion, you put it on, it tends to absorb into the leather, and it really softens it up beautifully. So, so that is how you take care of lambskin.


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