How to Make Your Own 101 Dalmatians Party Supplies

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Making your own "101 Dalmatians" party supplies is a great way to save yourself a little bit of money. Make your own "101 Dalmatians" party supplies with help from a professional party planner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Burt, owner of Maddycakes, children themed parties, and DIY party crafts blog Maddycakes News, and today I'm gonna talk about decorations that you can create for a 101 Dalmatians party. Now you know what I do not like, is to go into those big box stores and all have all this party decor, and you just go in the aisle and grab every single thing that's 101 Dalmatians. No, you can create yourself a lot cheaper, it's more personal, and it's much more unique. To serve your food, why not use dog bowls? I got some coordinating dog bowls from the dollar store. You can fill in your foods, and that's a great creative way to serve all your food. I went with the color scheme of black white and red, obviously because of my friend here, the dalmatian. I used the name tags, so every kid can have, know where they're gonna sit. I just used a dog bone, I spray painted it red. I love glitter, so I put some glitter on it for a little bit of bling, and I put some stickers on, so they know who their own name, and they know where to sit. For place settings, I used a plastic plate, obviously the dalmatian has spots, so I wanted to definitely incorporate that in the part decor. This is vinyl, that you can just get. It's actually shelving vinyl, you can find it in home improvement stores, and it's, people use it to put shelves, line shelves with, but I use it for all kinds of decor, party decor and home decor. But I just cut it and stuck it on a plastic plate, and the good thing about this, it comes off, and you can reuse the plate, and it's safe. You don't wanna paint a plate and then have your kids eat on it. Not a good idea. Did the same thing with the plastic cup. Put me a little coordinating straw, red and white, 'cause I like to party like that. As far as a place mat, I made a place mat using cardboard and newspaper, because I think of dogs and newspaper, and thought it was cute. Added bonus, found paper with a dog on it. How cute is that? And for party treats, simple to make as well. I used a cardboard box, put some spots on it with a magic marker. And the party favor. Created a very easy party favor using a lunch bag, and I just put a paw print on it, poked a hole, ran some red ribbon through, put your treats in, a great little doggy bag party favor. Easy to do. You can make your own party crafts.


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