Decorating Tips for a Baby Shower Party

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Decorating for a baby shower is easy, so long as you keep a few very important things in mind. Get decorating tips for a baby shower party with help from a professional party planner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Burt, owner of Maddycakes, children themed parties, and the blog Maddycakes News, it's a DIY party craft blog. Now, today I'm gonna talk to you about decor for a baby shower. Now no matter what theme you pick for a baby shower, there's some generic things that you can do to make your baby shower just more unique and to have that little cute personal touch. So if you're serving drinks, which I know you are, what's a unique way to serve drinks? How about in a bottle? No matter what theme you have, you can use a bottle. There's various colored bottles, you can just wrap fabric to color coordinate with the colors of your party. And of course you've gotta use a diaper pin to secure it. Put a cute little straw in it, and that's a really cute way to serve your drinks at a baby shower. I love banners. I use them for everything. I picked up these really inexpensive onesies at a dollar store, and I just used a craft stamp, and I simply just stamped on them, and you can just use the colors of your party. Let's say if you have a onesie that the color you want, you can simply dye it, with any color dye you could possibly find, and then you can just hang it on the back and put the baby's name on it, if you don't know it, you can put, if it's an owl theme, put an owl. I just used baby feet, because we're using a generic theme. And that would be a great way to have a little banner. And plus, you can never have enough onesies. And the mom can use these afterwards as well. A cute way of doing cupcakes is to use items that belong to babies. So, pacifiers, I know my daughter had a pacifier for way, way too long. I wont tell you how old she was when she stopped, four. Anyway, the way I use these pacifiers, I just simply put them in the cupcakes, made like little babies faces, and that's a cute way to have a little cupcake for a baby shower. Just use your imagination. Go down the baby aisles and think, look at the different products that are there and think how I can incorporate these items to use in my baby shower. And last but not least, I used my daughter's little doll rocker to add height to my display. You can use that for your food displays. Use your kid's toys, and just, this is one of her actual toy boxes I turned upside-down, just use your imagination. Go through your house, look at your items, see what you can use to incorporate as well as items that you could find in the baby store, and that way your personality will come out in your decor, and it will be very unique, and you'll have a very memorable baby shower.


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