Ideas for Parlor Games for Princess Tea Parties

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Princess tea parties naturally lend themselves to a wide variety of different types of parlor games. Get ideas for parlor games for princess tea parties with help from a professional party planner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Burt, owner of Maddycakes, children themed parties and the DIY party craft blog, Maddycakes Muse and today I'm going to talk about princess games. So, you're having a princess party. What do you do at a princess party? Yeah, you do crafts which are really great to do and you put hair and you put little hair sparklies in and makeup and nail polish, that's great but how about some games? I have a few games to show you that are definite crowd pleasers and your little girls will love it. The first one is pass the poison apple. Of course we know Snow White and the poison apple. This game is a little bit like musical chairs but you're all sitting in a circle, you take the apple and they pass it to each girl and play music. Once the music stops, whoever is holding the apple, the poison apple, then they must croak and they're out. Let me demonstrate, the music stops, I'm holding it, I'm out. It's so funny to watch these little girls do this. Next would be kiss the frog, The Princess and the Frog. Now I cannot draw to save my life but I found this little cute frog on the internet and I do have a tracer. If you don't have a tracer, you can buy them at craft stores. If you don't have one, you can borrow an overhead projector maybe from your school, poster board and I took that image, blew it up, drew it out, painted it and that's my frog for Kiss the Frog. Now how you play the game, you can do one of two ways. You can have the girls put on lipstick and go and close their eyes, spin around, have them kiss the frog and whoever is closest to his lips, then they win and you can put their little name when they kiss it, put their little name underneath it, or if you don't want to do that, because everyone is kissing the same area, you can have them kiss a little piece of paper, put their name on it and then spin them around and have them put the little sticky on the frog, same concept but the winner is whoever gets closest to the lips will be the winner. Royal Findings is another great game to play, just get some like candy necklaces, maybe some ring pops, tiaras, various things, wrap them up and hide them throughout the party space whether it be indoors or outdoors and the girls can go and search for their royal findings. To make sure that the girls don't get all like, one girl don't get every single thing, maybe have it where they run out, have one girl at a time go out, find it and come back and then the next girl so that way each girl gets a royal finding. Another great theme to do at a princess party is to practice their manners, royal manners. They can learn how to sip tea properly and be a princess and wave and curtsy, all those great things you can teach them how to do. So here's a few ideas for you to do some games at your next princess party.


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