Food for a Cinderella Party

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A wide variety of different types of food are really great for Cinderella-themed parties. Learn about the types of food you can make for a Cinderella party with help from a professional party planner in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Michelle Burt, from Maddycakes, children's themed parties and DIY party craft blog, Maddycakes Muse and today we're going to talk about food for a princess party. By far, a princess party is the number one requested party that I get for all little girls and girls love pink. So I'm going with the decor theme of pink and white and as far as the food I'm keeping it pretty basic but I'm making the presentation look beautiful. Here's Rice Crispy treats that I simply dipped in candy melts. You can find candy melts in all kinds of colors and you can find them in any craft store and they are just, they come in discs and you put them in the microwave at 30 second intervals and you mix it up and they melt and you can dip all kinds of great things in them and they taste wonderful. And if you can't find the exact color that you want, you can use the white, the vanilla candy melts and use a little bit of food coloring to match your colors perfectly for your theme. Marshmallow pops, kids just love these, I simply just take a marshmallow, put it on a lollipop stick, I dip it once again in that candy melt. I put some sprinkling sandy sugar on it and a white M and M on top and that's a marshmallow pop. Now if you want to make these ahead because marshmallows do dry out, you can make them up to five days ahead, just simply wrap them in plastic, put some ribbon around it and these will last up to five days so you can make them ahead of time, not on that party day. Fruit, you need to have some fruit in the diet menu. So I just took a simple waffle cone cup that you put ice cream cups in. Once again I dipped it in that pink melt candy and I just sprinkled again with some sugar, put some cut fruit in there. It's a beautiful display. A sandwich, you can use any kind of cookie cutter and you can cut your sandwiches to be any kind of shape, a crown, a heart, or whatever. I love using paper doilies, they come in The Dollar Store. I get packs of 25 of them and I use them for all kinds of decor. For this I just simply wrap the sandwich by cutting the doily down and I wrap the sandwich in it and put a decorative piece in it and a toothpick to hold it in. I used that same doily. I cut around the trim of it and I wrapped it around the cupcake to make a cupcake wrapper, very inexpensive and it just dresses up the cupcake. For the topper, I used those candy melts once again, the pink ones and I bought this at a cake supply store. You can find them also at craft stores in the food section and I just put the candy melt in it, put it in the refrigerator and I use that for a topper for my cupcakes. It's edible and it's really pretty. Presentation for drinks. I love to use either pink strawberry milk to go with this theme or pink lemonade. These are actually Frapuccino bottles that I've washed out and reused and I just took that top once again cut out from a doily. I wrapped around the top. I used double stick tape and it makes a really pretty presentation. You can do that with just a glass as well. It's pretty and it's inexpensive and it just makes it really beautiful and you don't have to go out and buy all of the theme party decor, you can make it yourself and make it beautiful.


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