Seven-Layer Dip Recipe With Ground Beef

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Some seven layer dip recipes use ground beef as a primary ingredient. Learn about a seven layer dip recipe with ground beef with help from the operator of a successful salsa company in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Carolyn Goldwater, your Salsa Sister with Today, we're going to make a seven layer dip with ground beef. Let's get started. I have browned the ground beef and we're going to use that as your first layer. So, take a pound of ground beef and put it on the bottom of a shallow large dish that you can serve. Flatten that out as much as possible on the bottom. Next, we're going to take half a jar of salsa, I like a corn and bean salsa because it adds a little more excitement to the dish. We're having about half the jar, yep, that looks about right. Next, we're going to sprinkle some cheese, calls for about a cup and you can use half of the cup for this layer 'cause you'll use the rest of it on the top. Then, we're going to put some lettuce. Add the thin layer of lettuce. Next, we'll add some olives. We have some finely chopped olives; you ca use sliced olives. I'm just going to sprinkle this on lightly and with the black bean and corn salsa, the olives are going to taste really nice. Next we're going to add sour cream and you just want to plop that through. Then, we have our guacamole. This is just a mashed avocado with a little lemon, a little garlic salt, little bit of Tabasco. Because it's hard to smooth the layers out, you're probably just going to pop it like I'm doing. I'm going to add the rest of this, this is about one avocado mashed. Okay. Then, we're going to layer again the salsa, looking pretty good, put the rest of the jar of salsa on and top with tomatoes, finely diced. I'm going to smooth this a little bit out, there's a little bit too much liquid in there; we'll just take those out of there. Smooth that down a little. Add the remainder of our cheese and some scallions. Oh, that makes it look so pretty. And if you have a crowd that likes a little bit spicy, you can add a few jalapenos to top it; maybe just layer them down in the middle for a nice effect. I'll just use my fingers, it's going to be easier and top with a little bit of cilantro. Give that little fiesta flavor and there you have a seven layer dip with ground beef. I'll serve this with some tortilla chips, some crudites to taste, carrots, celery, broccoli and maybe some pita chips. Whatever you like, you have a delicious dip. Enjoy


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