How to Host a Double Baby Shower

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Hosting a double baby shower always requires you to keep a few very important things in mind. Learn how to host a double baby shower with help from a marketer and event producer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lori Riviere with and today we're here in sunny Miami, Florida at The Ag and Art Restaurant and today I'm going to talk a little bit about how you can host a double baby shower. Haven't you ever had that happen where you have some friends or family members that are preg-o at the same time? Well a really great economic thing to do and that can also be very fun is to host a double baby shower. There's some tips and some rules of the row that you want to follow when you're planning a double baby shower. You want to first of all make sure that you take each mom-to-be's wishes into account and you can, you don't have to decorate all in one theme. So you could divide the room up. If somebody is having a boy and somebody is having a girl you could do half the room in pinks, half the room in blues, you can really use this to be creative and mix patterns and mix colors in a really unique fun way and you want to make sure that all your activities planned take into account and make sure that each mom-to-be has equal time. So for example, unwrapping presents, you don't want one mom-to-be to be unwrapping presents for an hour and then the other one only 20 minutes and you might want to think about your time management when you're planning the activities of a baby shower. So games are something that can be combined for both moms-to-be and that's an easy thing to plan. But things like unwrapping gifts you may not want to unwrap all the gifts or you may want to do the gift unwrapping you can do it at home on a Google plus hangout and then anybody that wants to see the unwrapping of the gifts can just go and hang out on line. You can Skype it or use Google plus and one unique thing that you can do is come up with some creative ways to welcome your guests that are going to incorporate both your mommies-to-be. So you just get two frames and here I have a B, that's a mommy to be named Bethany and then you just spell with both letters and this is a way to customize it so both mommies to be get equal footing and are stars of the party. I'm Lori Riviere with and those are some tips on how to hose a double baby shower.


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