How to Do a Diaper Baby Shower Game

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A diaper baby shower game is designed to be played in a very particular way. Do a diaper baby shower game with help from a marketer and event producer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lori Riviere with, and today we're here in sunny Miami, Florida in Miami's design district at the Ag and Art Restaurant and today I'm going to tell you how to do some baby shower games using a diaper. So the most common if you Google baby shower game and diaper, you're going to find a million of the same game which is you place different varies of chocolate in the diaper and you have your guests guess which variety of chocolate is in each diaper. I personally find that one to be a little gross so today I'm going to give you some other ideas of games that you can use a diaper for that maybe won't make your stomach so queasy. So one idea is to have a diapering relay race and basically what you'll do is you'll divide your guests into two teams and each team is going to need a stuffed animal or stuffed baby and they're going to need a diaper and a blindfold. And so what you'll do is you'll line up all the team members with a chair and each person will be blindfolded and put the diaper on and then they'll take the diaper off and take the blindfold off and pass it on to the next person and the team that completes all of that first is the winner. And last, another idea that you can use with a baby diaper theme is to have people in a time frame like 30 seconds or a minute list all the things that you would need to actually change a diaper. So most people are going to come up with common things like baby powder and the actual diaper itself or diaper rash cream but if you have some fun guests, they might come up with something creative that will make everybody laugh like a clothespin or something else. So those are some ideas of things that you can do for a baby shower with games with a diaper theme. I'm Lori Riviere with


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