How Do I Tie Wedding Bows?

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Wedding bows are designed to be tied in a very particular way so that they look the way they should. Learn how to tie wedding bows with help from a wedding fashion professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lacy Pool, Co-Founder of Grayson Elise Styling and Accessories. I'm here at Serendipity Bridal in Austin, Texas to talk about how to tie a wedding bow. So, this is a great way to incorporate a sash or a ribbon bow to add some personality, a little bit of individualistic touch to your wedding dress. Here we have a classic line of a wedding dress. We have the A line skirt and this really great waistline to accentuate. So, we've taken our signature piece; this is our Elise belt from the Grayson Elise Spring 2011 collection and the way that we're going to put this on is just make sure that the adornment is front, center in the front. When we turn into the back, we're simply going to overlay one over the other, put the longer piece underneath and then go about it just like you would tie your shoes. Just big loop, around, pull through and then at this point, this is where you really going to want to concentrate to make sure that the loop stand out, have a really pretty presence. Our signature fabrics are really great silk satin, so they're going to fall very nicely as it is. Now, you're going to want to lay your tail so that they lay one along the other and that the length's pretty much match up. Another great way to use a wedding sash is going to be to use one of our signature silk satin ribbons and attach it in the front. When you have long yarded such, such as this one, you can pull it around in the back, come around back to the front and then again, just carefully tie it in a bow and let the fronts dangle throughout. Adding a bow like this is going to add lengths to the dress as the tails fall through here. Now, a nice finishing touch to this piece could be a really pretty family heirloom, bringing your something borrowed and attach the brooch right here in the center knot. Another way that you could do this, have the pretty bow in the back and then attach our Keegan flower from the Grayson Elise fall 2012 collection and put it back here. Adds for a really pretty visual interest as you're walking down the aisle, makes for a great entrance.


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